Despite the fact that Viking men lived several centuries ago, their hairdo is still one of the most fascinating. When we think of Vikings, our minds conjure up images of fierce warriors who make our hearts race. Their violent and masculine haircuts, on the other hand, aren’t for everyone. Only the most daring champions will be able to pull them off. To help you out, we’ve collected a list of the best Viking hairstyles. Would you risk it?

Short Crew Cut

Start with something more mild if you don’t feel like going all out for the Viking hairstyle. It’ll suffice with a crew cut. It’s so simple to keep up with that you’ll be ready for anything more elaborate in no time. However, in this instance, a full, gritty beard is required. With an undercut as a defining element, you may combine it all together.

Top Knot Viking Hairstyles

If top knot man ties have a tendency to lean toward the feminine side, you can’t say the same about the Viking knot. This hairdo appears to be completely manly. Men make their top knots big and messy for additional virility. Don’t forget about the scruffy beard, either.

High-Volume Viking Hairstyles

Vikings have a lot of hair on their heads. So, if you have a voluminous and thick mane, you may just let your hair grow till it reaches your shoulders and display it loose to achieve a simple yet stunning Vikings haircut.

Viking Man Bun

Vikings have a lot of hair on their heads. So, if you have a voluminous and thick mane, you may just let your hair grow till it reaches your shoulders and display it loose to achieve a simple yet stunning Vikings haircut.

Twisted Hair

Another Viking haircut inspired by the TV episode is shown below. Instead of braiding your long tresses, use twist hairstyles and you’re good to go!

Shaved Head And Beard

You don’t have to have long tresses to have a Scandinavian look. It’s not so much what you wear as it is how you wear it when it comes to Viking hairstyles. You can even go bald and look virile and handsome like a Nordic man if you have the right mentality. However, for a truly male appearance, you may choose to define your appearance with a rugged beard.

Short Faux Hawk Viking Hairstyles

Fohawk is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get a true warrior look. Surprisingly, it’s possible to succeed without shaving your sides. Make a braid that runs through the centre of your head all the way down to simulate the fauxhawk. Such braid patterns are ideal for men with long and thick thatch since they make it easy to get the Viking braided look.

Undercut With Long Bangs

When it comes to the undercut, men will like it because it mixes two popular styles, Viking and hipster. Men who choose an undercut frequently match it with a variety of hairstyles. You can wear it with a ponytail, top knot, Viking braid, or smooth back to provide even more contrast to your style.

Viking Ponytail

Pulling your gorgeous long hair into a full or even half ponytail is another great method to show it off. While pulling the hair away from the face, the latter will continue to focus on the length. Ponytail hairstyles with thick facial hair are ideal for a Viking image.

Long Hair And Beard

Long-haired men are unbelievably gorgeous and sophisticated. It isn’t necessary for them to knot it in any way. For guys with long hair, the best alternative is to leave their locks loose. Simply give your mane a little of a dishevelled and textured look with the use of a styling product, such as a sea salt spray, to underline that this is the Viking hairstyle you’re sporting.

Viking Man Braid

You won’t be envious of Viking braids unless you’re wearing them yourself. The top hair is frequently braided in the Viking braids male hairstyle, while the sides and back are trimmed. The good news about men’s braids is that they may be made with any length of hair.

Slick Back Viking Hairstyle

If you’ve allowed your hair to grow long, attempt the slick back undercut. You get one of the most stylish and edgy Viking haircuts, in addition to being low maintenance. Make the difference between the top hair and the sides more noticeable if you want a harsh slick back hair style. If you want something more formal and classic, just make sure the sides aren’t too short and the top isn’t too long. The slicked back hair style is incredibly versatile due to its capacity to be altered to numerous events and trends.

Silver Nordic Style

No need to be concerned if your hair has begun to grey. This will make it even easier for you to pull off one of the most popular Viking hairstyles. However, if it hasn’t and you want to try out this current silver hair colour, you’re welcome to do so, especially if your hair is naturally blonde.

Masculine Simple Braids

Braided hair is really fashionable right now, so you should attempt these Viking braids without hesitation. Pull your top hair back and braid it into a single braid. Make a few more braids in the rest of the hair. With the thick facial hair, such braids 2022 men’s hairstyles seem really lovely.

Ragnar Lothbrok Inspired

The television drama Vikings made Ragnar Lothbrok’s hair famous. Ragnar hair must have bald sides, a thick braid highlighted with brown material, and a neat beard.

Viking Dreadlocks

The Viking dreadlocks are a great choice for men’s hairstyles in 2022 if you’re ready to put in some time and work. Use hair extensions if you don’t want to wait for your hair to grow out or your dreads to form.

Tattooed Head

With the shaved sides and lengthy top hair, the head tattoo appears to be extremely bold. Those who want to try on this brutal style but don’t want to commit to a permanent tattoo can make a temporary one.

Braided Beard

Do you appreciate the look of braids but aren’t sure if you want them in your hair? Braid your beard like a Viking. A braided beard can be styled in a variety of ways, depending on the length and texture of your hair, which can range from thin to thick, long to short.

Loose Braids Viking Hairstyles

Braids pay homage to Viking hairstyles in a macho way. Pull the top part of your hair up and secure it with an elastic in a fishtail or regular braid. For added detail, braid two braids on each side of the head.

Curly Voluminous Red Hair

Hairstyles with side sweeping bangs make a powerful statement, especially when paired with an undercut. Here’s a terrific option if you’re thinking about getting one of these mens hairstyles 2022. Allow your thatch to grow until it reaches your chin, then have your barber shave your back and sides.

Slicked Back Undercut

Comb the top hair back and smooth with mousse or a small quantity of gel to achieve a slicked-back undercut. For a clean twist on the Viking look, add a high fade to both sides and keep any beard hair clipped.

Half Bun Viking Hairstyles

Another style of Viking haircut is the half bun. If you have a lot of wave or texture in your hair, it will add to the rough look. Keep your beard hair rough and full.

Braided Ponytail With Undercut

The perfect viking hairstyle can be achieved using Nordic braids. This braid looks much better when complemented with a thin rope or ribbon looped around it and framed with a high bald fade, making it ideal for guys with thick hair.

Thor Inspired Hairstyle

This long blonde half-updo is something Thor would definitely approve of. With a cut like this, you’ll be totally authentic. Viking males usually wore half their hair up and pulled back.

Quiff With Undercut

Give your Viking haircut a modern twist with an undercut – 2022 men’s haircuts. The smooth sides of a bald fade attract emphasis to the angles of an oval face. Add a splash of colour to amp up the style even more.

Dutch Braids Viking Hairstyles

It’s a well-known fact that Viking hairstyles frequently involve braiding. Men can obtain a Viking braid in any style – standard, fishtail, French, or Dutch. And since the latter is one of the most daring Viking braids for men, you can never go wrong with it.

Blonde Nordic Viking Haircut

Many variations on Viking hairstyles may be found in Nordic hair. This one has blonde hair slicked back to one side and shorter hair on the sides. A dark beard with thick bushy hair completes the look.

Beaded Beard Braid

Viking beards are often bushy and thick. You’ll look good with any of the many Viking beard styles available, regardless of length or colour. Allowing hair to grow long and braiding it is a popular beard style.

Twisted Viking Beard

Incorporate male viking braids into your style in a variety of ways. With a lengthy beard, a twisted braid can be done, leaving the rest of the hair wavy and unkempt.

Big And Small Braids Combo

A Viking mohawk is tough and masculine. You can get it by asking for a Ragnar haircut, which consists of a bald fade and a braided mohawk. Small braids begin at the top of the head and terminate in a single thick braid.

Faux Hawk With Braided Sides

Viking hair braids can be used to embellish the sides of your haircut. To achieve an authentic Viking haircut, keep them small and add texture to the top of the hair with a mousse or hair crème.

Tied Mohawk Dreadlocks

To a thick braid, large Viking hair beads provide a rugged texture. These bone beads make a big impact and go well with thick hair. Shave the sides to complete the look.

Short High Top Undercut

To produce a distinctive form for hair on top of the head, high top undercuts are combined with high fades. Slick your hair to the side for a modern spin on a Viking haircut that you can wear to work while still looking stylish.

Braided Mohawk Viking Undercut

Braid a Viking mohawk to elongate the face shape for oval faces. This rocking mohawk will be the focal point of your style, thanks to a high fade that helps shape the top of the head.

Multiple Cornrows Viking Hairstyles

Another traditional Viking male hairstyle is many cornrow braids that start at the brow and flow down to the shoulders. This style is attractive and low-maintenance whether your hair is blonde or brunette. For added intricacy, shave a border close to the ears.

Long Undercut With Cornrows

Cornrows are a popular Viking hairstyle for men of all races, including African Americans and Caucasians. To add character to your crown, alternate the thickness of each braid and join the strands into a low braid or man bun.

Short Sides With Thin Tail

You can still wear a Viking haircut if your hair is thin. Start a low Viking ponytail at ear level and comb the hair back into a mohawk. Using elastic bands in a contrasting colour, divide the ponytail into sections.

Medium Length Hair With Beard

This Viking beard is bushy, and it looks great with medium-length hairstyles. Hair should be combed to one side and smoothed with product. Viking beard styles come in a variety of lengths, allowing you to customise your look to your preferences.

Mohawk Viking Hairstyles

The Viking Mohawk is another approach to achieve contrast. The Mohawk haircut is something that both the Norsemen and modern punks have in common, despite the fact that they used to style it differently. You should cut your sides and let your top and back hair grow out long to achieve this style.

Buzz Head And Full Beard

You’ll be astonished to learn that the Viking head isn’t just about the length; it’s also about the personality. So, if you’ve decided to go with a buzz cut and a full beard, go for it. Viking beards speak for themselves, thus using lengthy hair on the head to prove anything is pointless. As a result, it’s preferable to grow your beard long.

Traditional Scandinavian Hairstyle With Beard

However, if you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, a typical Viking haircut with a thick coarse beard is an option. This classic combination will quickly make any man appear more macho and serious.

Viking Undercut

An undercut looks great with an authentic Viking haircut. The classic Scandinavian hairdo is given a new and stylish flair with this fashionable cut. Furthermore, because it removes hair from the sides and back, it gives the entire outfit a clean and smart aspect, even if you have a messy long beard.

Long Braid & Medium Beard

Braids go well with most Viking beard styles. However, because you don’t want to appear unkempt, a mid-length beard is preferable over a long braid.

Casual Viking Look

A modern Viking hairstyle features a laid-back, carefree vibe. Simply dishevel your tresses and let them tumble loose to obtain the appearance.

White Long Locks

When you reach a particular age, it doesn’t mean you have to acquire an old man haircut right away. Long white flowing locks can also give off a strong Viking aura, so go for it if you want to make a statement.

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