Epic Viking Braids for Men in 2023: Unleash Your Inner Warrior

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Viking braids are a kind of fresh approach on a pretty old men’s hairstyle. As a dedicated badge of honor, Viking warriors wore hair braids centuries back whenever they fought and went onto the battlefield. It used to be considered a true symbol of manliness and chivalry. We today have come up with a range of Viking braids perfect for men in modern times.

How to Pull Viking Braids for Men

Viking braids are in fact very simple to put on. You can do that by classifying the hair parts you wish to braid into three sections. Place the leftmost part of your hair in the middle, so that the hair strand now looks in the center.

Next, you should place the rightmost part of hair into the middle. Keep repeating this process until the entire length of your hair is completed. To help you out, we have put forth 33 perfect examples that you can choose the best hairstyle from.

1. Triple Braids

It’s difficult not to admire the delicate features of this braid if you pay close attention. The two side braids are French braided, while the central braid is done inside out. Lots of contrast is made by this style, notably where the hair around the nape of the neck gathers. It’s certainly for the Viking who wants to make a statement, but it’s not really for the simple guy.

2. Feed In Braids

When you lack enough of your natural hair to produce the braided style you want, feed in braids are a terrific option. You can create a chic look by braiding extensions into your natural hair, like in this basic braid that starts from numerous others on top of the head.If you also have buzzed the rest of your hair, it looks great.

3. Ponytail Braid

This simple design is timeless for a reason! A ponytail braid is as protective and fashionable, whether or not you have a bald fade like this guy. Smooth hair back and arrange into a high ponytail for the desired look. Simply braid hair down your back after securing with a hair knot.

4. Smooth French Braid

This elegant design is as fascinating as it is protective. You can choose how thick to make your French braid, but we think the contrast of silky hair all over and this little French braid flowing through the middle of the hair is attractive. It makes the braid a component of the overall look rather than the focal point.

5. Easy Cornrows with Medium Fade

Cornrows are tight braids that run the length of the back of the head, beginning at the top of the forehead and ending at the scalp. Your hair will be protected while also looking quite stylish with these big braids. It contrasts beautifully with a medium fade style. A low man bun fastened at the back of the head will finish the look.

6. Straight Back Braids with Beard

It’s understandable why daring men could select this braided straight back style. With a practical, protective style, it is not only appealing but also makes hiking and sports simple. Simple braids running down the back of the head also look great with beards of all lengths.

7. High Fade Braids

 Men with short hair, do not be afraid! You too can have the seductive Viking appearance you long for. To produce closely woven cornrow braids that extend to the back of the head, all that is required is a few inches on the top of the head. With an extremely near bald fade all over and a larger, shaggier beard around the chin, this hair looks wonderful.

8. Funky Fishtails

This braided style employs a multitude of methods to produce an unique appearance. The major attraction, the fishtail braid, is located in the middle of the back of the head. This wide, thick plait looks fantastic when it is surrounded by several other smaller, conventionally braided braids. In case you have hair of medium-length, you better give it a try.

 9. Gathered Box Braids

Having difficulty developing braids on your own? For adding braids to your naturally short hair, box braids are the amazing pick. The looping and collected style is highly intriguing in addition to protecting and promoting hair growth. It contrasts sharply with a high bald fade’s simplicity.

10. French Braid and Side Braids

You may surely attempt a French braid look, but why not add a little more wonder? An otherwise classic style is given a little extra excitement by adding small side braids that feed into the main, more prominent French braid style that goes down the back.

11. Mini Base Braids

You can wear thin braids in the lower layers of your hair. A extremely subtle Viking impression is produced by braiding your base layer.

12. Braided hair in the back

By combing your hair back and adding braids to the side hair, you may frame your face. The symmetrical hairstyle that results from these Viking braids will rest on either side of your face.

13. Light Waves + Long Hair Braid

When you take your hair out of your braids, you are going to notice that it falls into light waves. Always use a fine-tooth comb and good quality conditioner to keep your hair knot-free.

14. Braided Beard

The Viking fashion is lifted to a whole new level with beard braiding. You must properly soften your beard so that it is adaptive in order to execute this look in real life.

15. Men’s Viking Cornrows

For a truly unique appearance, braid your hair in thick cornrows. Your head will be covered in these braids, giving you a neat and tidy appearance.

16. 3 Viking-style Braids

Many of today’s coolest hairstyles are influenced by the Viking hairdos. The one shown above has long, three-braid-knittable sides and shaved sides. Men with a V-shaped or receding hairline should use it.

17. Faux Hawk Braids

By cutting your sides and putting two Dutch braids on top, you may update the Viking hairstyles for the year 2021. If you add a dash of colour, they will come together in a frizzy bun and look amazing. Even for men wearing large, black-framed glasses, a full beard will complete the look.

18. A style of Nordic braids

A Viking hairstyle with braids will draw attention to you if you have long hair. Put every knit item into a low ponytail and tie it several times.

19. Viking Braided Ponytail

Long hair really shouldn’t prevent you from sporting a badass appearance. This ponytail, which was inspired by Nordic hairstyles, would look stunning. Split your hair into several braids and pin them all up in a ponytail.

20. Viking Braids for Old Men

Men of almost any age, especially those over 50, can look good with a Scandinavian hairstyle. Don’t stress about the grey hair; it will enhance the appearance of your haircut.

By braiding several braids for the top, you can create a Viking hairstyle that is half up and half down. Keep your moustache long and grow your beard lengthy. Add metallic jewellery to the braids for decoration.

21. Short Braids

You’ll need at least medium top hair that could be divided into two portions and braided for this haircut. If you form your beard into a point, it will look wonderful.

22. Braids with Shaved Sides

When it comes to adopting Viking hairstyles for 2023, shaved sides are rather frequent. Keep your hair long and make cornrows in it which you will tie up in a ponytail. Twist the braided pony and fasten it at the bottom once more.

23. Viking Dreads + Braids

When you want to get an edgy, cool aesthetic, dreadlocks and braids work really well together. This hairstyle was created for those who have tattoos on their scalp. The long top hair should be braided and dreadlocked before being pulled back into a pony.

24. Viking Style French Braids

Maintain a lengthy quiff with tapered sides so you may French braid it. The hairdo is perfect for males who are self-conscious about their V-shaped hairline. Also, keep your beard long and well-groomed to achieve the Viking impression.

25. Viking Braids with Beads

When you want to get the most out of your lengthy man, beads are the best option for you. By braiding hair and adding metallic beads as accessories, you may create a strong style. If you want to look savage, grow some facial hair.

26. Mohawk Braids

For the sides of your long top, use a short trim, and braid only the edges. Make a high, twisted braid that resembles a mini-mohawk. Leave the ends untied and secure it very near your nape.

27. Side Braids

Make braids that you can accessorise with silver hair rings rather than shaving your sides. To get that reckless appearance, tousle the remaining mane. You should have a thick, well-groomed beard.

28. Viking Warrior Braids

Your lower hair should be braided in a variety of styles while your top hair is pulled back in a ponytail. Decorate the knits with white thread or beads. In 2023, a long ducktail beard will help you achieve the popular Scandinavian appearance.

29. Intricate Braids for Viking Look

You must shave your sides in order to recreate this braided Viking haircut. Start making cornrows for the top so you can use them to construct a French twist. You’ll look stylishly modern while retaining that Nordic appearance.

30. Braided Ponytail with Long Beard

The beard is arguably the most striking component of this look. Keep it longer under the chin and shorter on the sides. You only need to style your hair into a twisted ponytail, which can either fall on your back or one side.

31. Long Viking Braids for Men

Get a distinctive appearance that is both fierce and trendy. Shave the back and sides, then braid the top. To secure the knits in a ponytail, use a piece of leather. Until you run out of hair, repeat the process two or three times.

32. Men’s Viking Hairstyle: Various Braids

By sectioning your hair, you may create a stunning braided Viking hairdo. On top of the head, create the main braid, and remove the smaller knits from the sides. The sideburns can even be knit and allowed to fall in front of the ear.

33. Braided Mohawk

Having jumbo hair can really help someone get a badass look. Hair extensions will assist you in achieving that cool Nordic hairstyle if your hair is short and styled in a long quiff or pompadour. The dyed hair should be braided beginning close to the scalp and then cut to the appropriate length.

If they take the time to create Viking braids for men, guys with long hair can look wonderful. This men’s haircut successfully combines the old and the new.