Anthony van Dyke, a Flemish painter, is credited with creating the ageless Van Dyke beard in the 17th century. He was well-known for his regal and holy paintings, which featured males with a short goatee beard and pointed moustache. This became his signature appearance, which he coined “Van Dyke.” This beard style is still quite fashionable today.

What Is A Van Dyke Beard?

First and foremost, let’s clarify the definition of a van dyke beard. Sir Anthony van Dyck, a Flemish painter who popularised the style in the 17th century, is responsible for its name.

A goatee on the chin and a detached moustache characterise this facial hair style. Whiskers can come in a variety of styles. If you’re not sure what will look well on you, the best option is to go natural. Because the rest of your face is shaved, it gives you a dapper look, and the space between your beard and stache gives it definition. Although this facial hair style is not for everyone, those who can carry it off may be confident that they will never go unnoticed.
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How To Grow A Van Dyke Beard?

Simply follow this guide to learn how to grow a beard, specifically the Van Dyke type beard.

*If you already have a full beard, simply follow the instructions for trimming a beard to the desired style and texture to achieve the Van Dyke look.

**If you’re beginning from scratch with a shaved face, grow your beard to the appropriate length before following this guide.

  • Wait until your facial hair has reached a length of about 14 inches.
  • Begin by creating a circle beard. Hair from your cheeks and sideburns should be removed.
  • Leave the beard and moustache alone and shave the hair on the sides of the neck and the bottom.
  • Follow the pattern and definition of your chin hairs to create a nice goatee.
  • Make a tiny gap between the beard and the moustache.
  • Trim to the length and style you choose.


Don’t get carried away with the sheers.
Because the van dyke beard should be styled very tightly, it necessitates your undivided attention. Trim the gap between the beard and the whiskers with extreme caution and patience.

Rinse thoroughly to ensure you don’t miss anything.
Make sure there are no hairs or spots remaining. You want your beard’s edges to be crisp and tidy.

Make a comb your most trusted companion.
Style your hair in an outward direction with a comb, then use a beard wax or balm to make it pointed.

Full And Bushy Rockabilly Beard

Among the rockabilly crowd, the rock beard is undoubtedly one of the most popular styles. For people who work all day and then rock and roll all night, this style is easy maintenance. It sports swinging sideburns as well as the iconic Van Dyke beards and moustaches. Go for a salt and pepper goatee if you really want to sport this manly and rough look.
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Funky Hipster Van Dyke Beard

A hipster beard can be just up your alley if you want to blend in with the hipster set while still being more artsy. For a more refined appearance, this variant of the beard has incredibly small whiskers and a funky moustache. Opt for a trendy slicked back appearance if you want to blend this old-fashioned look with a more current flair.

Gentlemanly Look

These days, the gentlemanly look is in high demand. This design harkens back to a simpler era while while adding a modern twist to be on trend. One of the most fashionable beard styles this season is a detached moustache with a short curtain Van Dyke style goatee. This could be the look for you if you desire facial hair but a beard that isn’t too thick.

Detached Moustache And Beard

This detached Van Dyke beard and moustache pair is another option for individuals who want a nicely maintained short beard. Trim your beard to a short goatee and separate it from your moustache somewhat. Maintain a tidy appearance. You can wear this Van Dyke with short hair that has been properly cut or long hair that has lost its wildness. Whatever style you want, this is a fantastic appearance!

Wide Anchor Van Dyke Beard

Make your Van Dyke beard wider on the chin if you want to give it a classic look. You’ll acquire it in the shape of a so-called wide anchor this manner. However, make sure your facial hair is thick enough to support this beard style, as you want a well-defined beard rather than a patchwork one.

Anchor Beard With Stubble

This Van Dyke beard is a hybrid of numerous types. Normally, only the hair around the chin would be left, and the rest would be shaved off. However, you leave small bristles of facial hair on your cheeks and jawline for this beard style, resulting in a classic anchor paired with a casual stubble beard.

The Van Dali

This beard style is not suitable for everyone. It will only be possible for truly creative and talented men to pull it off. It also blends two separate facial hair styles – Dali’s bizarre curled moustache and sharp Van Dyke beard – to create the Van Dali, a new hybrid facial hair look.

Intense Depp Style

Johnny Depp can rock a Van Dyke beard like no one else. He does, however, opt for a more severe style, which is quite appealing to his facial features. Add a couple of stray strands that hide an eye, and you’ve got yourself a legion of Johnny Depp devotees.

Disconnected Goatee With Light Stubble

A disconnected goatee with light stubble is your best bet if you don’t want to go too heavy on your Van Dyke beard. It does not necessitate a unique methodology. You simply grow your facial hair until the gap between your moustache and beard vanishes. Add some short stubble and you’ve got yourself a light Van Dyke beard.

V-Shape Goatee

This v-shape goatee is one of Van Dykes’ most popular designs for those who like a fuller beard. If you want a thick beard and moustache while still looking edgy, this is the look for you. Trim the sideburns and use a razor to outline the ends to keep them looking good.

Short Stubble Van Dyke Beard

Short stubble is polished but still husky and masculine if you prefer a basic beard. Keep the sides of your hair clipped short. If you want to make it more triangular, add a little additional length at the chin. This is one of the most popular Van Dyke short beard styles.

Fresh And Relaxed Van Dyke Beard

This fresh and casual variation of the Van Dyke beard, like modern trends, tells us to take it easy. You just know it, even if you can’t pinpoint the characteristics of classic VD. The result is a look that is both effortless and natural. To achieve it, simply leave your facial hair alone for a few days and then trim it to the proper length so it doesn’t look unkempt.

The Long Stubble

Do you prefer to have longer beards on your face? However, you still have a chance to pull off the Van Dyke beard. Grow your hair to the length you want it to be and keep it in form with scissors and a trimmer. Longer hair on the chin and shorter on the cheeks creates a bolder and more contrasty look.

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