40 Stunning Shaved Hairstyles for Women Trending in 2023

A shaved hairstyle can be an incredibly liberating statement. With less hair, your daily routine is no longer the same old grind; there are countless reasons why someone might choose to free themselves with a super short look. Perhaps you’re fed up dealing with tedious styling and dyeing rituals, or maybe it’s time for a break as you let overprocessed strands regrow into something healthier – whatever the cause may be! Don’t worry though: just because things have been trimmed back doesn’t mean that style has left too – by experimenting, there are plenty of ways to make any buzzcut confident and cool all at once.

Here are 40 of our favorite shaved hairstyles for women.

1. Shaved Up do

Nothing commands attention quite like a stylish up do and, when it comes to achieving that perfect look without foregoing the classic appeal of shorter locks, you can still channel your inner fashionista with an effortlessly-cool shaved style. With this sleek ‘do, even those embracing eye-catching cuts are sure to stand out in any setting while ensuring they’re always ready for whatever adventures lie ahead!

2. Half Shaved

If you’re looking to make a head-turning style statement without going full bald, why not opt for a half shaved look? Achieving this sassy and stylish ‘do is surprisingly easy. With just one side of your hair completely shaven off and the other brushed up into an eye catching design, you can quickly attain that chic grungy vibe! Plus if it isn’t quite working out as planned – simply grow them locks back in no time at all; giving yourself plenty of space to experiment with new trends or keep trying something different until you find the perfect hairdo fit for your unique personality.

3. Side Shave

Make a bold impression and turn heads by shaving off the side of your head for an edgy, yet still stylish look. Keep the top long to keep that touch of flowy coolness; this is sure to be chic ‘do you won’t soon forget!

4. Long on Top

Add a touch of pizzazz to your look by trimming around the base of your head, while keeping some height on top. Experiment with different lengths at the crown for added style and creativity!

5. Edgy Shave

Step out from your comfort zone and switch up your look with a daring, trend-setting hair style. Experiment with a new cut or add some color to make an impactful statement that will draw compliments everywhere you go!

6. Classy Updo

For those who want a more dramatic hairstyle, short hair doesn’t mean you have to miss out on trying different looks. Even when going for the close-to-bare look, there are still many elegant updos available that make an impact!

7. The Mohawk

Ready to take your style up a notch? Go bold with the mohawk! This iconic, daring hairstyle is guaranteed to turn heads and make an unforgettable statement. It’s edgy, it’s raw – ready yourself for self-expression like never before!

8. Unique Shaved

From a clean and sleek buzz cut to creative designs like braids, shaved looks are the perfect way for anyone to express their personality. Whether you’re going for an understated classic look or something out of this world statement-making, there is plenty of room to explore your individuality with these beautiful hair styles!

9. Box Braids

Embrace yourself, inside and out! Show off your style with a look that’s totally unique – box braids combined with a partially shaved head. Take the bold step of expressing who you are through fashion.

10. Undercut

Get ready to experience a wild transformation with an undercut – the hottest hairstyle trend taking over. This edgy look features shaving short and close around your neck, while keeping length on top of your head for tons of styling options. Rock this daring cut fearlessly!

11. Design

With the right look, a little imagination and some courage to take risks when it comes to fashion, you can make any style your own. Shaved designs are an especially bold choice that will help ensure all eyes stay on you! Whether short or long-haired – whatever looks best for your face shape – express yourself with confidence by daringly creating something unique.

12. Braided Shave

With a shaved cut, why not amp up your look with the addition of an eye-catching braid? Not only is this style on trend and gorgeous to behold, it allows for you to express yourself in ways that even traditional long hair styles can’t. It adds texture and flair while making sure you stay ahead of fashion trends!

13. Green Shaved

Having a shaved look can open up endless possibilities for creative expression, including rocking an amazing emerald hue. From subtle balayage to vibrant ombres, this style offers versatility and great opportunities to try any shade you desire!

14. Elegant Shaved

Nowadays, hairstyling isn’t just about having an edgy or bold look. You can still be fashionable and creative with your style even when you go the more conservative route by getting a shave! Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself – express yourself through whatever way feels most natural.

15. Fully Shaved

If you’re feeling daring and want to take your look in a new direction, why not go all out with the full shaved style? It could be just what you need for a confidence boost that will leave heads turning! Show off those features while embracing an edgy, modern vibe.

16. Sidecut

If you’re looking to make a bold statement, why not try rocking an asymmetrical cut? With one side of your head shaved and the other left natural, this daring look is sure to turn heads. The perfect way for those who want their hair to show off both personality and style!

17. Creative Shaved

Spice up your look and take a step outside of the ordinary by shaving off some hair for an exciting new style! From sleek buzz cuts to daring mohawks, show off your own unique sense of fashion with this amazing hairstyle trend. Express yourself like never before and make heads turn wherever you go – it’s time to have some serious fun with shaved styles.

18. Feathered Shave

For a truly breathtaking style, opt for this textured and shaved look – with short sides that add definition to your unique ‘do. Ideal for an edgy yet sophisticated appearance, you’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go!

19. Peach Fuzz

For those who are interested in changing up their look, a shaved style is one option. Rather than opting for the bald look, there are plenty of options that still provide variety – from close fades to textured undercut or sharp lines at the sides. With so many different possibilities available, it’s certainly worth considering this bold and daring trend!

20. Lavender Hues

Give your freshly-shaven look an extra touch of elegance with a splash of subtle lavender. Perfect for creating a bold, eye-catching style that stands out from the crowd!

21. Short and Creative

If you’re looking to spruce up your look, why not try getting a shorter hairdo with an original twist? Keeping the style short and neat will give it definition while still allowing for some creative expression from which you can experiment. From adding texture through Clippers cuts or angular V-shaped fades to incorporating natural curls.

22. Flower

Show off your style with a shaved ‘do and accessorize it with an elegant flower crown that will undoubtedly draw attention to you! This is the perfect way to express yourself through fashion while still keeping cool in hot summer weather.

23. Angled Shaved

Transform your look with an angled hairline! Enhance that confidence-boosting hairstyle by creating sharp, sleek angles at the front of your scalp. Channel a striking energy to onlookers as you flaunt this carefree and bold haircut – beautifully framing whatever face shape or style you choose.

24. Sleek and Shaved

Embrace your unique style and go for a half-shaved, half sleek look! Have one side cropped close to the scalp while keeping the other long enough to be styled. This daring ‘do is sure to make heads turn – both literally and figuratively speaking. So don’t just settle for plain; show off who you are with this completely distinct hairdo that’s perfect for any occasion.

25. Shaved Back

If you’re looking to change up your hairstyle, why not consider a shaved back style? This edgy look is sure to turn heads, and the rest of your hair will still be left looking fantastic. An effortless way for you to make an eye-catching statement – go on and get yourself noticed!

26. Gradient Shave

Looking for a truly unique style? Shaving your head in gradients may be the perfect option! With this look, you’ll make an unforgettable statement and stand out from the crowd. Not to mention it’s incredibly low-maintenance– just select which gradient pattern suits you best, then all that’s left is to keep up with regular trims over time so your shaved design remains visible.

27. Minimal Shave

If you’re looking to experiment with a daring new style, try out this small and minimal shaved design. Dare to be bold by embracing the ultimate statement look that requires just enough effort for maximum impact!

28. Edged Shave

For a sharp, stylish look that’ll turn heads at any event or gathering, consider doing an ultra-close shave along your hairline. This tailored style is sure to upgrade your overall presentation and attract admiring glances all night long!

29. Sunset Vibes

Under the vibrant orange sky, this bold shaved look is truly a sight to behold. Be mesmerized by its daring style and take in all of nature’s beauty as you stare out at the breathtaking sunset!

30. Intense Shave

Are you looking to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd? Step outside of conformity by embracing your unique identity with a stylishly-shaven look! Follow an independent rhythm as you take control of how others perceive you.

31. Fun Shave

Shaved styles are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason – the look is bold, beautiful, and undeniably eye-catching! If you’ve been looking to switch up your hairstyle but wasn’t sure where to start, why not give a shaved style a try? It’s perfect for everyone from daring fashionistas who love making an impact with their hair choices to those searching for something low maintenance.

32. Curled Shave

If you’re looking to make a statement and turn heads, why not go for the bold combination of curls and shaved sides? When expertly executed, it’s sure to create an unforgettable look.

33. Short Bob Shave

Show off your boldness by rocking a daring and eye-catching bob hairstyle with an edgy shaved undercut. This groundbreaking look is sure to make heads turn, letting you stand out from the crowd!

34. Icy Vibes

If you’re looking to add some zing and pizzaz to your new haircut, why not go for the cool icy look? This aesthetic is perfect if you’re rocking a shaved style – refreshingly present while still subtle enough that it won’t draw too much attention. And have no fear – this unique appearance won’t leave you out in the cold – quite literally!

35. Fauxhawk

Perfectly combining edginess with sophistication, the fauxhawk adds an elegant yet daring element to any look. Its versatile nature and stylish silhouette make it a great choice for those wanting to try something new without veering too far away from classic style. Whether you opt for subtle shaved sides or bold volume throughout, this timeless hairdo is sure to bring attitude whilst radiating effortless fashion-forwardness!

36. Blonde Shaved

For the perfect shave, look no further – keep it close to maximize comfort and add a beautiful golden glow with an elegant blonde hue. Upgrade your daily routine for smoother skin and enhanced style every time you take on the day!

37. Back Shave

If you are seeking a sleek, low-maintenance look that eliminates the dreaded neck hair from your appearance, then try out this stylish style – be sure to thank us later! Not only will it give you an effortlessly debonair vibe with minimal effort, but it also provides major confidence boosts and charm.

38. Swooped Bang

Short on the sides and long up top, side bangs with a shaved edge is an edgy yet perfect look. Whether you’re going for casual cool or something more statement-making, this combination of hairstyles can take any outfit to the next level!

39. Ombre

Amp up your look by playing with a fun, daring hair color and adding an edgy detail like shaving! Dare to be bold and experiment for a unique style that commands attention.

40. Rounded Bob

Make a statement with your style – try a rounded bob haircut for an edgy, modern look! This timeless hair design gets updated when you add the stylish touch of shaving the back. Show off this captivating cut and let everyone know that you mean business. With the right hair style, you can make an unforgettable statement. Have fun testing out different shaved looks – from light buzz cuts to a more daring half-shave – and show off your unique personality with each one! If any of these styles are too drastic for you, don’t worry; even shorter locks still have plenty of options in terms of styling that will bring out your inner confidence.