A rat tail is one of those classic haircuts that you either love or despise, but you can’t be neutral about it. Although it has been out for a while, it is back this year. There’s a style for every taste and hair type, whether it’s long or short, braided or twisted. More information on the look, as well as some outfit inspiration, can be found in our guide.

What Is A Rat Tail Hairstyle?

If you’re not sure what a rat tail hairstyle is, we’ll explain it to you quickly. This is a type of men’s hairstyle in which the hair is shaved short all over the head and a long narrow strip of hair is left in the back. It’s a close relative of the mullet, another famous 90s hairdo. The key distinction is that the rat tail haircut just has a strand of hair at the back, whereas the muller haircut requires all hair along the hairline to be long.

How To Cut A Rat Tail Haircut?

Allowing your mane to grow long and then having your hair cut short all over save for one rather thin strand that will serve as the foundation for your rattail is a certain technique to create a rattail haircut. One of its most significant features is that it is extremely adaptable. It goes well with a fade, undercut, Mohawk, crew cut, and a variety of other fashionable men’s hairstyles.

Long Braided Rattail

Choose a long braided rattail hairstyle if you want your rattail hairstyle to have a lot of attitude and aggressiveness. It’s also known as the padawan braid, and it’ll get you noticed wherever you go.

Short Rat Tail

It doesn’t mean you can’t pull off a rattail hairstyle if you don’t have the patience to grow your hair long. Simply leave a lock long enough to stand out against the rest of your hair and you’re good to go.

Asian Top Knot & Rattail Hair

Rattail and top knot are one of the most popular Asian hairdo combinations. They offer a very substantial and masculine image when worn together.

Afro Twist

Rat tails are a great hairstyle for those with Afro hair. This classic hairstyle gains additional dimension and character when worn with thick kinky hair.

Disconnected Mohawk

If you don’t mind standing out from the crowd, a detached Mohawk with an elongated back is a great choice. The focus changes to the top and the hair rattail, respectively, because the sides of your head are completely bald.

Bright Green Rat Tail Hair

There are a variety of ways to emphasise a rats tail hair cut. If you’re hesitant to try out different intricate cuts, why not experiment with colour instead? Make your rat tails hair a flamboyant and eye-catching colour, like this almost fluorescent brilliant green tint.

Rat Tail For Boys

When it comes to rat tails, there are no age boundaries. They look fantastic on both young boys and older guys.

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