Perm men’s hair isn’t likely to surprise anyone these days. Women aren’t the only ones that enjoy experimenting with various hair types and trying on various styles. So, if you’ve always wished for curly or wavy hair, now is the moment to realise your goals. This article has been created to answer all of your queries about hair perms. It will not only give you with information, but it will also provide you with inspiration for the best male perm styles. So, what do you have to lose?

What Is A Perm Men?

Before we go into the best men’s perm hairstyles, let’s establish what a perm is. This is a hair treatment in which chemicals are applied to your hair to change its natural texture and make it curly or wavy.

Do Modern Perms Cause Hair Damage?

Perming hair causes it to become damaged, fragile, and brittle, as you’ve most likely heard. While this is partially true, it is not always the case. Hair perming, when done incorrectly, can have disastrous effects for the health of your tresses. Perming your hair might also be difficult if it has already been chemically treated, such as coloured or bleached. As a result, you must consider all of these elements as well as a number of others, which is why it is preferable to delegate this duty to a professional.

Types Of Perms For Men

In general, there are two types of perms: hot and cold perms. Let’s have a look at both of them.

Fringe With Perm

All curly hairstyles, in general, work with a men’s perm. A fringe is one of the best options if you want to keep the focus just on your top.

Comb Over Perm Hairstyle

If you’ve always thought of a comb over as a haircut for straight-haired males, think again. This traditional haircut will be redefined and given a fashionable twist with a curly perm.

Perm Men With A Mid Fade

A fade haircut is an easy method to bring your perm men’s hair to the forefront. You can vary the boldness of your perm haircut by choosing for a higher or lower fade.

Permed Mullet

Men can give any hairstyle an interesting twist with a wavy perm, and a mullet is no exception. Perms on the top and back of the shirt draw attention and make you stand out in a crowd. Apply a texturizing product to your permed mullet for more emphasis.

Short Textured Perm Fade

With a fade haircut, you can have as prominent a top hairstyle as you want. The top becomes the focal point of the appearance due to the short hair on the sides. This makes a permed hair men fade an excellent choice for men who prefer to be the centre of attention.

Loose Curls Perm

If you’re not ready to commit to tight curls just yet, a loose perm men style is a good alternative. Its biggest draw is its laid-back, unpretentious vibe, which we are almost certain you will adore.

Tight Curls Perm

However, if you’ve decided to try a tight perms men’s hairdo, go for it! You may be confident that your hairstyle will be noticed.

Permed Man Bun

A man bun is no exception to the rule that some hairstyles are literally intended for men with wavy hair. A perm, on the other hand, will aid you if your hair texture isn’t curly or wavy.

Volume Perm

If you’re still debating whether or not to get a perm male hairstyle, this appearance will undoubtedly persuade you. Men with perms appear more appealing and fashionable. Furthermore, if you are dealing with thinning hair, this thick perm will hide it.

Bleached And Permed Hair

Blond wavy haired men have a certain allure about them. You can still pull off this style if you were born with black straight tresses. Simply get your mane bleached and permed, and you’ll be sure to garner plenty of praises.

Perm With Pompadour

Get a loose curl perm on top of your pompadour for a trendy look. It will give your outfit a trendy and laid-back vibe while also allowing you to save time on styling.

Short Hair With Perm Men

One of the best things about perm styles is that they don’t have any length restrictions. So, even if you have pretty short men’s haircuts, you’ll still have a sharp and defined appearance.

Caesar Cut With Perm Men

Perms for short hair are just as stunning as they are for long hair, as a Caesar cut demonstrates. For this look, you’d often get a textured cut on top. A perm, on the other hand, creates a more distinct and defined appearance.

Perms Boys

Perms on guys, regardless of their age, seem cool and suitable. Boys’ permed hair exudes a carefree and fun attitude. So, if your child requests a perm boy hairdo, you should not refuse him. Furthermore, you can play around with the length of your hair, as perms on guys look great on both short and long hair.

Korean Perm Men

Because Korean hair is naturally straight, you may wish to add texture to it from time to time, which is where a perm hair males style comes in. However, you do not have to choose for a perm men hairdo that is extremely tight. Simply add a tiny curve to it and you’re set to go.

Slicked Back Curls

Some guys with perms find that simply pushing their hair back is sufficient. You can also smooth your tresses back for a more refined and beautiful look.

Wet Curls

While it may appear impossible to make perm hair stand out, defining it with a side part can make all the difference. It will help to restore equilibrium in your face proportions as well as provide your tresses separation and outline.

Curly Bob

The fact that a bob appears so different when permed will delight you. It gives the image of a thick mane, for starters. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for men with fine hair. Second, it gives you a permed mullet that is both attractive and charming.

Middle Part With Perm

Perming your hair is one of the best ways to achieve a middle part hairstyle. It shows off your hair structure while keeping the hair away from the centre of your face, showcasing your masculine facial characteristics.

Long Hair With Perm Men

Curly perms aren’t generally synonymous with tight curls. It also enables you to create men’s hairstyles with relaxed waves. This is a particularly attractive option for men with long tresses, as it preserves their length.

Perm With An Undercut

Complement your perm with an undercut to take it to the next level of aggressiveness. Because the hair is removed from the sides and back, the top becomes the main point of the entire design.

Medium Length Perm

Although perm haircuts come in a variety of lengths, the style of a mid-length perm men’s hair is unique. It helps you to flaunt your new hair texture while also requiring less maintenance than a long mane.

Curly Faux Hawk

Those who believe that a faux hawk must have straight locks haven’t tried wearing their hair wavy. It’s not only more apparent and edgy, but it’s also a lot easier to style because your hair is more ready to keep the form.

Curly Perm Hair Crop Top Fade

With an undercut perm, you may put the intricate top in the spotlight. Furthermore, it requires less style than a full head perm, making it a low-maintenance option.

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