Though all of the moustache styles we see on presentable and stylish guys around us are fascinating and straightforward at first glance, growing facial hair that will eventually become your moustache is an entirely different artistic procedure.

Top Mustache Styles

Pencil Mustache

For guys who like a minimalist and delineated look, the pencil-thin moustache styles are a lightweight, yet incredibly masculine option. The style is simple and straightforward, with only a thin strip of hair highlighting the upper lip. It’s also a good option for men with facial hair that isn’t as thick as their mane, as it can be a good method to acquire a great moustache without seeming absurd. It’s ideal for textured trimmer haircut styles, since they maintain a precise picture.

Here’s how to achieve the look:

Begin by smoothing down the length of your moustache, leaving only one strip of hair above your upper lip.
Trim your moustache before shaving your face to achieve the required pencil-thin form. This will give you a more precise look.
Check for symmetry, shave your face, and shape the edges of the stripe to complete the moustache.

Chevron Mustache

The chevron moustache, which is worn by men all over the world, is in high demand now for a reason. And the reason for its immense appeal is that it has no constraints for males, which means that it may be worn by any guy, regardless of hair structure. Even if your facial hair isn’t as thick and full as Harry Styles’, this style will look good with a low density, giving it a Harry Styles-like appearance. This style is self-explanatory: the upper lip is covered and “framed” by a chevron shape. The chevron idea will go well with stubble and beards!

Are you ready to embrace the trend?

First, work on the chevron shape, removing the rest of the facial hair and forming the shape.
Then, with more accuracy, trim your moustache.
If you want to maintain a tidy appearance, shave your face softly so as not to disrupt the symmetry of your moustache.
If you’re going to wear it with stubble, define the shape by accentuating the edges to make everything look perfect.

Handlebar Mustache

The handlebar moustache appears to be the most timeless of all the moustaches popular today. It used to be associated with respectable guys, but now it’s a fashionable trend popular among current hipsters. The key feature of this style is that the ends are curled upwards and can be as thick as the wearer desires. It’s created by growing facial hair just above the lip, so it goes with a variety of beard styles.

Here’s how you can achieve the look using hair wax:

Make your moustache manageable by combing it.
To get a straight line, warm up the wax in your fingers and start applying it to your moustache in a twist-pull action.
It’s time to curl it up now! Take a pencil and wrap it around your moustache for a minute. Set the form with your fingers, then relax and have fun!

Hipster Mustache

Over the years, the perception of a man’s moustache has shifted. With all of the sophisticated appearances, the definition of a hipster moustache has emerged. These staches are longer and more extensively fashioned to keep them in place than the rest. The style is frequently completed with matching body alterations such as piercings or tattoos.

Original Mustache

The original, classic moustache is all about utility and versatility. When worn with a beard or stubble, it appears natural, but it also looks great on clean-shaved males. This moustache style is suitable for any lifestyle because it takes little maintenance and sits just over the top lip. Is this something you’d be interested in?

Keep the following points in mind when trimming:

Choose a comfortable trimming comb and use the trimmer to balance out the desired moustache length.
Trim a defined line that will accentuate your moustache if you’re working with a beard or stubble.
Always double-check your work for symmetry.
Shave your face if you want your moustache to be the centre of attention.
Once the style is complete, slightly define the edges as a final touch.

Porn Staches

If a man’s moustache gives you the idea that he’s sleazy and untrustworthy, you may reasonably conclude that he’s sporting a pornstache. The thick moustache with elongated ends speaks for itself, despite the lack of a definite definition.

Italian Mustache

A man with an Italian moustache usually has a thin yet effective stache. The ends are nicely groomed and stay in place all day. This isn’t a look that most people would choose. It is, nonetheless, quite appealing, not to mention extremely stylish.

Walrus Mustache

The walrus moustache, like goatee facial hair types, is one of the most popular moustache styles among modern males. The style has no drawbacks: it’s simple to trim and maintain, and it goes well with most men’s beard types. It does, however, necessitate extremely thick hair, as it is a round and overgrown style that can cover the entire lips with its fullness.

Because this form of face haircut is supposed to be self-customizing and regulating, there’s no need to tell you how to trim or style it. However, we strongly advise you to keep it pristine by shaping the ends, which will offer individuals with a huge beard a gorgeous appearance.

Horseshoe Mustache

The horseshoe mustache’s name may appear amusing until you discover how well it matches your sharp look. It’s a subdued take on the classic moustache, with two lengthy bars pointing downwards and reaching all the way to the wearer’s chin. A tapering, anchor-like line of hair that stretches from the lower lip to the chin is common in most black facial hair styles.

You’ll be able to master this style in just a few tries if you follow these moustache grooming tips:

With a trimming comb, even out the moustache hair length and give it a draught form.
Once the area is clear, use a trimmer to outline the horseshoe shape. Take care not to end up with a set of asymmetric, over-trimmed bars on your face at this stage.
To make the moustache stand out, get a close shave.

Cowboy Moustache

If you’re a fan of the Wild West, you’ll want to consider growing a large moustache like the cowboys do. It’s dense, gritty, and a little sloppy. However, you don’t want to appear sloppy, so be sure to style your hair.

Dali Mustache

His moustache styles were as memorable as his personality. Salvador Dali’s thin moustache is surreal and a little humorous, and you won’t mistake it for anyone else’s. To achieve this style, you’ll need to use a lot of styling product to curl up the ends.

Military Mustache

Although a military’stache looks similar to a chevron moustache, it is considerably neater and shorter. This is because, even when it comes to your appearance, army standards are all about order. If you want to follow military fashion trends, maintain your facial hair stylish and well cut.

Western Mustache

Although it resembles a chevron moustache, a military’stache is considerably neater and shorter. This is because, even when it comes to your look, army standards are all about maintaining order. If you want to follow military fashion trends, make sure your facial hair is stylish and well cut.

Fu Manchu Mustache

The Fu Manchu style, like most moustache styles, rose to prominence thanks to television. Although the style originated in China, most people associate it with the image of a humorous villain popularised by fiction series. The stache begins just below the nose and extends along both sides of the mouth.

English Mustache

Another fantastic moustache style comes from England. Certainly, the aesthetic is classic and ageless. To keep the stache tidy and well-defined, it requires a good amount of attention. Clean lines and correct trimming are the hallmarks of this look. As a result, using styling tools such as beard wax and a beard comb is required.

Imperial Mustache

Men with moustaches are often thought to be aggressive and confident, and an imperial moustache just adds to that perception. It takes time and patience to grow a stache like this, but the end result is well worth it. Keep in mind that too much styling can detract from the overall look. Instead, encourage the ends to naturally curl up.

Toothbrush Mustache

No one will mistake your toothbrush moustache for any other style, whether you have a blonde or brunette moustache. The thick growth begins at the point of your nose and does not extend far down the sides of your mouth, unlike the pencil moustache. In this situation, regular cutting is required, although styling products can be skipped.

70s mustache

No one can deny that the old school is cool. The classic design, resembling a military moustache, suits mature and confident men. The mustache’s sides do not go in any other direction but down. The best approach to achieve the look is to stick to your stache’s natural pattern.

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