Zayn Malik’s hair is just as attractive as his voice. And we certainly aren’t alone. Along with his musical accomplishments, the award-winning artist’s appearance resonates with the public. If you want to join us in admiring Zayn Malik’s most famous hairstyles, click here.

Short Spikes

Zayn Malik’s 2016 hairdo was characterised by short spikes on top and faded sides. The singer experimented with a bad boy appearance, which we think looks amazing on him.

Swept Back Medium Hair

On some days, we believe Zayn’s hair should be worn long, while on others, we support short haircuts (depending on the length he chooses at the time). Zayn Malik’s 2014 hairdo, in one way or another, wowed us with its considerable length, which the singer decided to sweep back and leave an appealing strand of hair loose.

Quiff Hairstyle

Zayn’s hairdo stayed very same throughout his teens. His thick quiff became a defining hairdo that was quickly adopted by fashionistas all over the world.

Comb Over Fade Haircut

The contrast created by the Zayn Malik fade hairstyle makes it look fashionable and attractive. You’ll need your sides faded and your top long enough to be combed over to reproduce it.

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