Long hair used to earn a bad rap among men. Long hairstyles for men, as well as updos for long hair for males, are presently increasingly trendy. So, what are the men’s updos?

Men can wear most of the same updo styles as women, although man braids, dreadlocks, top knots, man buns, and ponytails are the most common. The best part is that you can wear them with almost any haircut, including fades, undercuts, and incredibly long men’s hairstyles.

Updos are a terrific way to keep your hair out of your face and off your back and neck, making them the ideal everyday style for men. They’re ideal for hot summer days as well as windy or wet conditions. Check out our handy advice for men with long hair if you’re still not sure if an updo for long hair is correct for you.

Ponytails Updos For Long Hair

As more guys began to grow their hair out in the 1980s, the man ponytail became increasingly trendy. Ponytail hairstyles for guys were born as a result of longer hairstyles worn by hair bands and punk musicians equally. You can’t go wrong with a ponytail if you’re seeking for basic updos for long hair.

Here are a few of the most popular guy ponytail styles:

Ponytail For Long Hair

The long ponytail is, without a doubt, one of the most popular men’s updos for long hair. It was popular in the 1980s among rock and roll stars as well as martial arts practitioners. Long ponytail styles have a few free parts on the sides or behind the ears and are carefully tied at the back of the neck or higher.

Ponytail With Undercut Design

Ponytails with undercut hair are becoming increasingly popular as men’s undercut hairstyles become more prominent. For individuals who prefer to project an edgier feel, this ponytail with a side undercut is a perfect choice. Request an undercut and then pull your hair back into a nice ponytail on one side. Get a stunning head tattoo to go with your edgy undercut if you want to look even more daring.

Top Knots Updos For Long Hair

A top knot differs from a man bun in that it is a smaller version that, in most circumstances, makes a tight knot. In addition, unlike a man bun, it is worn on the top of the head rather than the back.

Men’s long hairstyles with top knots are quite popular. To style a top knot for men, gather your hair and tie it like a man bun, but keep it on the top of your head and make a tight knot rather than a fuller man bun. For half updos with long hair, top knots are a terrific option.

Modern Samurai Top Knot

Try a Samurai top knot if you’re seeking for a cool half updo for long hair. Half of the hair from the front of the head is drawn into a top knot in this take on traditional Japanese Samurai hair. It’s one of the hottest updo hairstyles for long hair for guys nowadays, and it looks amazing with stubble or a fully grown beard.

Top Knot With An Undercut

Undercut hairstyles are quite popular among guys of all ages. They’re also a terrific way to flaunt a top knot. Request a faded undercut and a top knot with the rest of your hair. This pattern works fantastic with a variety of hairstyles, including plaits, for a more refined and stylish look.

Man Buns Updos For Long Hair

Every man desires to have hair that is both macho and stylish. We are now advanced enough to declare that a bun is completely ubiquitous. Yes, the man bun style is when a man’s long hair is packed up on top of his head. Congratulations, guys who don’t like getting their hair done early in the morning: this is officially the easiest hairdo ever. All you need is the right hair length.

Half Updo With A Man Bun

You can completely rock a half-up man bun hairstyle if you have long flowing hair! A man bun is a looser variant of the top knot that looks great on guys with long, wavy, or curly manes. To create volume and texture, style your hair in a looser top knot or man bun, and then sprinkle the remainder of it with sea salt spray. For males with long hair, half updos are extremely popular.

Messy Man Bun For Men With Curly Hair

Men with wavy or curly hair appear extremely stylish with man bun hair. Man bun styles are simple to style and maintain because they can be worn for several days. You can pull your curly hair into a messy man bun on top of your head if you have curly hair. This outfit is ideal for hot summer days.

Straight And Sleek Man Bun Updos For Long Hair

Straight hairstyles for men don’t have to be uninteresting. A simple yet elegant mens hairstyle for straight hair is a smooth, tight man bun with a twist. Make your hair straight and sleek with gel, then draw it back into a tight chignon man bun.

Auburn Top Knot And Beard

With a fiery hair colour like auburn, you have no choice but to wear hairstyles that allow you to flaunt it. One of these hairstyles for men is the top knot. Pair your haircut with a long, coarse beard to balance out the look and make it more macho.

Bun With Twists + Undercut

If you’ve grown tired of your braids but don’t want to do rid of them completely, twisting them into a men’s bun is the ideal method to accomplish both jobs. Even while it already looks eye-catching and bold, pairing it with an undercut haircut on the sides will offer even more contrast.

Man Braid Updos For Long Hair

For men with a lot of hair, man braid hairstyles are a really elegant option. Three to five inches of thick hair is required for a standard man braid. If you have short hair and want to wear a man braid, braid the top of your hair in a fade or undercut style.

Braids come in a variety of forms, including Dutch braids, French braids, Box braids, and even dreadlocks. If you’re not sure how to recreate any of these looks, there are plenty of tutorial videos on Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram that will show you how to rock a man braid with a range of men’s haircuts.

Undercut Box Braids

Long hair is another reason why hot men get so much attention, especially when they take the time to develop a complex and sophisticated haircut. If you want to stand out from the crowd, opt for box braids on top and an undercut on the back and sides.

Braided Man Bun

Hairstyles for men with braids are all the rage these days. What’s more, what’s better than a single braid? Of course, there are multiple braids! For a distinctive look, braid numerous tight braids and knot them into a man bun braids at the bottom.

Nape Braid With Undercut

This beautiful nape braid on a faded undercut is another popular man bun braid design. With a V cut undercut fade, this looks fantastic. Then, for a fully avant-garde style, make an inverted French braid to imitate a Mohawk.

Dutch Braided Long Hairstyle

Man braids are an excellent technique to secure your hair if you have long hair. This Dutch braid is not only functional, but also fashionable and trendy.

Braided Bun On Natural Hair

Natural hairstyles are ideal for showcasing man braids. Natural hair braided hairstyles don’t take a lot of upkeep. These natural hair braids are done with a sophisticated hair design and a chic undercut fade.

Braided High Bun Updos For Long Hair

Braids and buns are like peanut butter and jelly combined. Braids add definition and intensity to a man’s bun. When you want to seem neat and dapper, a bun will keep the braids out of the way.

Dreadlocks Updos For Long Hair

Men’s dreadlocks hairstyles have been around for centuries and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They’re perfect for men who desire to live a bohemian lifestyle and flaunt their independence and freedom. Locks, commonly known as dreadlocks, are incredibly adaptable and are gaining popularity among men all over the world.

Take a look at these popular dreadlocks styles:

Braided Dreadlocks In A Bun

Look no farther if you’re looking for men’s dreadlocks styles. This dreadlocks updo is one of the most popular dreadlocks styles right now. For anyone who wishes to wear the dreadlocks hairstyle, dreads and updos are a terrific mix.

Half Updo Dreadlock Updos For Long Hair

The half-up/half-down ponytail is another amazing dreadlocks guys hairstyle. This casual look is a terrific way to show off your dreadlocks. Half-updos with long hair look great with dreads.

Curly Man Bun For A Wedding

You can’t go wrong with a sleek and polished updo if you’re seeking for simple wedding hairstyles. This wedding hairstyles updo combines a simple but attractive man bun with a nicely trimmed beard to create a sophisticated look that will blend in with any wedding crowd.

Straight Bun Hairstyle For Prom

Long hair prom hairstyles don’t have to be as formal as bridal hairstyles. This prom hairstyles updo is simply a tight top knot that is clean and neat while remaining fashionable and hip.

Faux Hawk Hairstyle For A Party

This braided Mens faux hawk is the answer to your hair issues if you’re heading to a party and want to flaunt a truly rocking hairstyle. To add volume and structure to your hair, braid your long hair into a faux hawk braid.

Viking Style For A Festival

Are you attending a music or art festival? How about this sassy Viking tresses? Viking haircuts are all the trend at festivals these days, so why not show off your distinct flair by rocking this great Viking hairstyle?

Knotted Up For A Birthday

Updos with long hair offer a utilitarian as well as an aesthetic purpose. So, if you want to kill two birds with one stone, try tying your top hair in a top knot while keeping the rest of your locks loose.

Wavy Half Up Bun For A Vacation

Guys with naturally wavy hair can also wear a bun if they don’t want their hairdo to disguise it. Simply change a conventional men’s bun to a half-up one. You’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone by getting a trendy hairstyle while also displaying your intricate hair structure.

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