They’re everywhere, from coffee shops to hipsters on the street to chefs in the kitchen. Man buns are fashionable long hairstyles for men that offer a variety of long hair possibilities. Men of all shapes and ages have bravely abandoned the old school ponytail in favour of stealing a popular look from the ladies with their own spin on the bun.

What Is A Man Bun?

If you’ve ever seen a woman’s hair bun, you might mistakenly believe that a man bun is the same. While the basic notion of twisting the hair up and out of the way remains the same, there are other modifications that are appropriate for a wide range of hair kinds, lengths, and personal styles. Man buns can be quite masculine and draw attention to chiselled manly features. Here’s how you can achieve the look.

How To Get It?

You’ll need that extra length before you can start rocking a manbun. If you currently have short hair, this means growing it out. This, as you are aware, can take some time. The good news is that you can start twisting and tying your style on top of your head once you have at least six more inches of hair. The more macho buns you can make, the longer your hair is.

How To Tie A Buns For Men?

Many men build their man bun in a more simplistic manner to avoid the impression of a feminine lady’s bun. For starters, you won’t have to master any fancy twisting or deal with any bobby pins. Instead, follow these simple instructions to make your man bun.

First, decide where you want your bun to go. This is mostly determined by the length of your hair. You’ll have more alternatives if your hair is longer. Grab your hair and practise securing the bun in the exact position you want it.
Brush your hair well and separate it if desired. Some guys prefer to part their hair in the centre, while others prefer to sweep their hair straight back.
Gather the hair in one hand with an elastic. Pull the hair through the elastic and wrap it several times, not pulling the ends through the last rotation. Once you have a secure grasp and an excellent positioning, pull the hair through the elastic and wrap it numerous times. Leave them tucked away at the base instead. Voila! The man bun has been completed.

How To Maintain A Men Bun?

While the man bun is simple to wear and make, you’ll need to take extra care of your hair as it grows to keep it in good condition.

Purchase a conditioner and use it after each shampoo. This will assist untangle the hair while also keeping the shaft’s shine and health.
Brush your hair at least once a day. Brush your hair everyday if you don’t want knots or tangles to generate frizz in your bun.
Finally, take a break from your bun. Hair elastics can cause breaking if worn on a regular basis. Allow yourself to let your hair down now and again.

Creative Men Buns Hairstyles

There are a variety of man buns to suit every taste: some are outlandish, while others are simply meant to draw attention. They can be big or tight, high or low, according on your personal style choices. As previously said, this style, whether it’s a bun or a knot-like version, may be paired with a variety of undercuts. Let us demonstrate how diversity works!

Messy Man Bun

To get a messy bun, you don’t need to be a professional barber; it’s just so simple, and that’s the purpose. Modern gentlemen understand the value of simplicity. When the tousled bun is paired with a beard, the style is elevated to a whole new level of sophistication. Wearing man buns with beards is, without a question, a win-win situation.

Undercut Man Bun

The man bun undercut is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable haircuts for men. Combining trends has always been a great idea, but it’s difficult to put into words how advantageous it is this time. The lengthier, textured top can be turned into a high bun, and the sides can be faded or closely shaved. All of these trends will draw attention to your facial characteristics, making you appear more attractive.

Half Up Hairstyle

Why not make your hair trendy when you want to keep it away from your face? A half-up, half-down bun can highlight your long locks while also making you feel at ease with them. It can also be topped with a braided man bun: if you want to personalise the look, try rocking your days with a range of textures on your head.

Men’s Braids And Bun

A plain bun can be transformed into a really polished look by simply adding some man braid to it. You can use any braiding technique you like, and your goal is to make as many braids as you can and twist hairstyles wherever you want, or have your barber create a fantastic appearance for you. Every guy with a lengthy mane should try a man bun with braids at least once in his life!

Half Curls

Man bun hairstyles can be very voluminous and heavy for guys with extremely curly hair. Simply do not put all of your hair into a bun if you do not want it to be the same size as your head. Only half of your curls should be pulled up and tied in a bun, while the remainder should be left loose.

Undercut Low Fade

Hair in the back and sides can be faded and undercut to keep the focus of your haircut on the man bun. If you don’t want a look that’s too contrasty and dramatic, go for an undercut low fade.

Cornrows Bun

Do you like man buns with more elaborate designs? Take a closer look at the cornrows bun in this scenario. While this is one of those long hair man bun styles that takes some time and effort to develop and design, it will pay off handsomely with admiring glances and dropped jaws.

High Bun With Bandana

Who says males can’t accessorise their hairstyles with hair ornaments? Don’t pay attention to them people! A bandana can be used to complement your man bun hairstyle. You can choose from solid colours or patterns, vivid or subdued colours, opposing or complementing colours – the possibilities are unlimited.

Black Curly Hair

When it comes to a cool hairdo like a man bun, the sky is the limit. Afro locks with kinks are no exception. They’ll almost certainly be tied in a black man bun instead. With such a dramatic hairstyle, your manbun will appear voluminous and textured even if you don’t let your ringlets grow out very long.

Full Curls

The basic type of the hairdo is the full man bun. It comes in a variety of styles, ranging from low to high, polished to sloppy. It’s obviously up to you how you want to show off your hair bun. Get a man bun with an undercut on the sides and a line-up around the forehead and temples if you want to take it up a notch.

Bun And Beard

Combine a man bun and beard with an obvious symbol of masculinity – facial hair – to illustrate that a man bun and beard is truly a hairstyle for guys. Furthermore, it makes no difference what kind of facial hair style you pair it with. A man bun looks great with a thin and thick moustache, a full beard or a short stubble, sideburns or all of them at once. Furthermore, the bun style can differ. Surprisingly or not, a half-man bun with a full beard that connects to your hair via the sideburns looks amazingly attractive.

Dreaded Bun

Man bun braids are another wonderful method to show off your afro hair. If you usually wear your dreadlocks in a bun, it will provide a nice change without sacrificing the look. A braided man bun is not only fashionable and complicated, but it also helps you control your unruly hair.

Long Wavy Hair

Man buns, as previously said, can be worn with any hair type and length. There’s also a man bun option for guys who like to wear their hair long. You can make a half bun using the top piece of your hair and leave the rest of it loose. This hairstyle is extremely attractive on males with wavy hair.

Mohawk Man Bun

You are more than allowed to mix two quite different haircuts into one. A combination of a mohawk and a hair up is adventurous and eye-catching. This is also another variation on the undercut man bun, which is currently all the rage.

Twisty Top Bun

There are numerous methods for men to wear their long hair, but a men’s bun will always be the most natural and comfortable. A modern dishevelled look is a fantastic approach to embrace an effortless image, with all of your hair arranged loosely in a casual top knot bun. Simply loosely twist your hair to complete the appearance.

Elegant Low Bun

Nothing can stop a man from acquiring a neat bun hairstyle if he wants it to be appealing, well-balanced, and polished, because long hairstyles for men are all about flexibility. You can experiment with different styles and textures, ranging from sloppy top knots to exquisite and clean low buns. Tie your hair neatly at the back to make your hipster hair look smooth and trendy.

Small Man Buns

Your hair should be long enough to be brought together to get man bun hairstyles. It doesn’t really matter how high it’ll be tied. You don’t have to obtain a particular man bun haircut all of the time. You may easily change your old one to a bun. Even if your pompadour is short, a top knot men’s hairstyle is the way to go.

Man Bun Fade

It’s no secret that a fade haircut looks great with almost any hairstyle, particularly if it’s an undercut fade. A man bun fade exemplifies how true this is. Get a two-level cut on the sides — the top level is a man bun with fade, and the bottom level is an undercut – for a more striking impact.

Asian Inspired Hairstyle

Do you get carried away by Asian martial arts? Why don’t you try a Samurai bun? Of course, such bun hairstyles aren’t for everyone. They will, however, not pass you by unnoticed. This Asian man bun features a top knot at the crown of the head and some loose pieces in the back, with the sides clipped short.

High Bun

Do you want to learn more about men’s bun styles? A high bun can make you appear taller while also elongating your face contour. So make a mental note of it. Men’s hair should be undercut on the sides and back for increased emphasis, and a coarse beard should be paired with it.

Space Buns

They aren’t the space buns that girls like to wear during the Coachella festival. It’s a method for you to be unique and creative. Breaking stereotypes is often necessary to look unique, and the double top knot style is a wonderful place to start. It appears to be entertaining and truly quite macho, especially when paired with a men’s bun and beard; facial hair will always be in demand!

Man Bun Shaved Sides

You can make your look more contrasty to draw attention to your bun. Because your top hair is extremely long, the sides should be cut short. As a result, you can shave them or at the very least clip them very short. You can compliment this style with a coarse beard because of the clean-cut look it creates.

Slick Back Bun

When you need to look put-together, your hairdo should match the formal environment. This, however, is not a cause to abandon the man bun. Slick your hair back and tie it in a professional bun at the back of your head to make it suited for the event.

Afro Hair Bun

Massive Dreadlocks

Twists Into Bun

Fauxhawk Braids

Tight High Bun

Messy Medium Hair High Bun

Short Side Long Top Into A Bun

Messy Half-Up Bun For Shoulder Length Hair

Low Slicked Back Bun

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