Some haircuts come and go, never to be seen again. The idea, however, does not apply to the permed mullet. The look is back, and it’s better than ever. All of the area’s most fashionable men are on the lookout for new and distinctive ways to wear the cut. As a result, having a good supply of fashionable and creative ideas on hand is beneficial. That’s exactly what you’ll learn if you stick around until the end of the post!

Highlighted Curly Mullet

Who could have predicted that a curly mullet would look fantastic with some highlights? You can build up the definition to the point where it exceeds your expectations, depending on how edgy you want your cut to be.

Fluffy Mullet

The curly hair mullet is a great method to show off and highlight your natural hair texture. Aside from that, the style’s sleek and fashionable vibe is still present and visible.

Classic Permed Mullet

In its natural condition, the perm mullet is flawless, and few people would dare to disagree. You’ll want a perm after seeing these men’s perm hairstyles. As a result, make a salon appointment right now.

Permed Mullet With Design

At the moment, cool mullets are also in demand. You can experiment with undercut patterns and moustaches depending on how adventurous your look is. Don’t let the fact that the style process will take you a few extra minutes in the morning pass you by.

Highlighted Permed Bang

Mullets are back, and they’re better than ever. Do you, however, still have reservations about the assumption? To believe the assertion, you must embrace this highlighted bang paired with a permed mullet.

Permed Rat Tail

The curly mullet of the 1980s hasn’t completely faded from memory. A permed rat tail is available for you to experiment with if you want to take a trip down memory lane. A youngster’s moustache is a fantastic complement to the style.

Short Cut Permed Tail

These days, the short curly mullet is really popular. The design allows it to keep the risky business at the front and the party in the back.

Pit Viper Mullet

These days, even hot guys with mullets are on the verge of glory. If you have a thick mane and want to draw attention to yourself, there is only one way to achieve the mission: Pit Viper mullet!

Permed Mullet On Dark Hair

Mullets with curly hair are versatile enough to fit into practically any lifestyle. The cut is so immaculate that you can’t tell it’s a good old mullet.

Long Tail Fade

The total quantity of perms in 2022 is staggering. Long permed mullets, on the other hand, remain a phenomenon reserved for a select few, much like short permed mullets are on the verge of becoming popular. Would you prefer to be a part of the group or blend in with the crowd?

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