Discover Perm Costs: Your Ultimate Guide

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Do you spend hours every day trying to achieve a new curly style with your natural hair? It can be daunting to tease and coax your locks into the desired shape, especially when you’re looking to mix things up. But what if we told you there was an easier way? Consider a perm for a practical yet stunning solution to your styling woes! Say goodbye to daily struggles and hello to effortless curls – we promise you won’t regret it.

This magical chemical treatment works wonders, transforming your natural hair texture into a stunning cascade of curls that will leave you feeling unstoppable. Say goodbye to endless hours of straightening and hello to gorgeous, easy-to-manage hair. Permanently curly locks are just a perm away!

When it comes to altering the chemistry of your hair, it’s a delicate process that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s recommended that you leave it in the hands of a trusted professional. By doing so, you’ll avoid any potential damage to your precious strands and your sensitive scalp. Trust us. Your hair will thank you for it in the long run! 

If you’re tired of constantly having to redo your hair every few hours or days to maintain your desired style, a perm may be the solution for you! Unlike temporary styling measures, a perm can last several months after just one application, taking the hassle out of your everyday routine. The longevity of your Perm will depend on your natural hair texture, so consult with a hairstylist to determine the best approach for your unique hair type. With a perm, you can enjoy the low-maintenance, long-lasting style and let your hair do the talking!

How Does A Perm Work?

In the 80s, perms were all the rage, but recently they have made a comeback with a modern twist. With advanced techniques, you can achieve several stunning styles with a perm. The possibilities are endless, from a fresh and natural blown-out look to effortlessly tousled beach waves a la Blake Lively! Get ready to make your hair the talk of the town with a new and edgy look that is sure to turn heads.

A chemical process can create gorgeous waves, spirals, or curls on any hair type! In the past, people would have perm rods wrapped around their hair, and then a special solution would be applied. Nowadays, there are even more modern ways to achieve these stunning looks. One of the most popular methods is the digital Perm! Say goodbye to straight hair and hello to a world of awesome new hairstyles!

Are you considering getting a perm but feeling deterred by the time commitment? The perming process can take up to three hours, but the payoff can last anywhere from three to eight months, depending on your hair’s length. Embrace the transformation and use your salon time to relax and unwind. Your bouncy, curly locks will be worth the wait!

Factors that Affect the Price of A Perm

If you’re wondering about the cost of a professional perm, there are a few factors to consider. The first is the salon’s location – prices can vary based on your location. The second is the experience level of the stylist – more experienced stylists may charge more for their services. Lastly, the length and thickness of your hair can affect the cost, as more product and time may be required to get the desired result. So while the cost of a perm can vary, it’s always best to consult a stylist to get a personalized estimate for your needs. With a little research, you can determine the best course of action and achieve the beautiful hair you’ve been dreaming of!

Perms can cost anything from $30- $200, depending on these factors:

  • Location
  • Hair length and texture
  • Perm Type
  • Stylist’s expertise 
  • Perm Styles


Have you ever found yourself shell-shocked at the price of a basic hair styling service? You know, the kind that you thought was supposed to be wallet-friendly? Well, in certain locales, these seemingly-simple services can cost more than their counterparts in other areas. And that means you might spend a pretty penny to get a perm or a basic haircut. It’s not the most pleasant surprise, but it’s always good to be aware of these potential pitfalls regarding your hair care budget!

Before you rush to the salon with butterflies in your stomach, take a moment to consider the cost. In different parts of the world, perms can range from reasonable to jaw-dropping. Picture this: in swanky Los Angeles, the average Perm will set you back $150-$250. But wait, there is more. In the land Down Under, perms can skyrocket to a whopping $180-$400! That’s a lot of cash for a head full of curls. But hold on. There’s a catch. Prices vary based on the additional hair services offered and the style of Perm you desire. So, before you start plotting your hair transformation, make sure to do some research and avoid any unexpected surprises.

Take a peek at the prices of different salons in your area to get an idea of the average cost of a perm in your location. This can help you budget accordingly and ensure you’re paying only what you should be. Who doesn’t want to save a little money while still looking fabulous? So do your homework, and your bank account (and your hair) will thank you for it!

Hair Length and Texture

When it comes to getting a perm, a variety of factors come into play. One of the big ones? The length of your hair. We all know that every head of hair is unique, but did you know that the length can seriously impact the price you’ll pay for a perm? That’s right – the longer your locks, the more time and product will be needed to achieve the desired look. So if you want to bring some curls or waves to your luscious long tresses, be prepared to shell out a little extra dough.

Short hairs are comparatively cheaper than long or medium perms – it’s low-maintenance, practical, and oh-so-chic. Plus, with the money you save on not getting a long hair perm, you can treat yourself to all sorts of fun and exciting things.

Short Hair Perm — $30-$80

Medium hair Perm—$50- $150

Long hair Perm— $80-$250

Your hair texture can actually impact the price of the service. If you have thick or unruly hair that requires additional services, such as a blowout, the cost of your Perm could increase. So before booking your next hair appointment, make sure to ask about any potential texture surcharges.

Perm Type

It’s hard not to be jealous of those who are blessed with beautiful curly locks. But the good news is, you don’t have to be. With perms, you can give your hair the bounce and volume it deserves, and there are two methods to choose from. The first method, the chemical method, uses a mixture of potent chemicals that alter the texture, making the curls last for months. The other method, heat, involves applying heat to the hair to create beautiful waves or curls that last. Whether you choose the chemical method or the heat method, one thing is for sure – with a little creativity and imagination, you can transform your limp locks into stunning, curly tresses that will leave everyone around you envious. 

Digital Perm

Introducing the hottest new trend in hairstyling: the digitally controlled Perm! This cutting-edge technique utilizes the power of technology to achieve the perfect curl every time. But don’t let the high price tag scare you off—this Perm is well worth the investment. Using an acidic solution and specialized rods, each section of your hair is meticulously wrapped and temperature-controlled using a digital box. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to gorgeous, bouncy curls that will turn heads wherever you go. Get ready to feel like a million bucks with the latest hair innovation!

Acidic Perm

Get ready to jazz up your hairstyle with a technique that’ll have everyone talking! Not only does it involve an intriguing ingredient called glyceryl mono thioglycolate, but it also uses heat for a long-lasting effect. Yes, we’re talking about hot perms – the perfect way to spice up your look without any fuss. With this innovative approach, your mane will be set in a way that’ll leave you feeling confident and fabulous. Say goodbye to boring hair days and hello to a style that’s sure to turn heads!

It is more suitable for weak or damaged hair as it is gentle than a cold perm. Its pH is between 4.5 to 7.

Alkaline Perm

Are you looking for a way to add bounce and texture to your locks without damaging heat tools? Look no further than the alkaline Perm, also known as a cold perm! By using a chemical solution called ammonium thioglycolate, this powerful process creates gorgeous curls without the need for any additional heat. With a pH level ranging from 8.2 to 9.6, this method creates long-lasting coils and adds volume to your tresses. Say goodbye to flat and lifeless hair and hello to stunning, bouncy curls with the alkaline Perm!

Exothermic Perm

This hair treatment can either be acidic or alkaline, depending on the chemicals used to create a chemical heat. When the solution is applied to your hair, it works its magic by opening up the hair shaft, allowing the perm rods to work their curling wonders. So, the next time you tire of your straight locks, try a perm and unleash your beautiful curly hair!

Stylist’s Expertise

Your hair stylist’s artistry significantly impacts the price of a perm, as the expertise of a certified specialist commands a higher price point than a newbie. Some salons have the privilege of having true masters of the trade. Of course, top talent comes at a cost, and the price tag reflects the significant skill level of these exceptional stylists.

Perm Styles

Delving deeper into perm styles, it’s worth remembering that the type of look you’re after could impact the final cost. It’s not just a matter of paying the same rate every time you visit the salon. No, no, no! The beach wave, for example, may come with a heftier price tag than a more standard style. Expect to fork out anywhere from $60 to $250 for this luscious, tousled effect. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a regular straight or plain perm, you may be pleased to know that this can be achieved without breaking the bank. Embrace those curls, but be prepared to splash some cash for certain styles!

Some Perm Styles and their average cost

    Short hair perm — $35-$100

    Mid-long hair perm — $45-$200

    Straight Perm — $45-$150

    Multi-twist Perm —$70-$200

    Spiral perm — $80-$200

    Twist Spiral Perm — $50-$250

    Partial root perm —$75-$250

    Stacked Perm — $60- $250

    Spot perm — $30- $150

    Body wave —$45-$200

If you spend countless hours trying to tame your tresses, then you understand the value of having cooperating hair. And while some of the prices for hair care products may seem steep at first glance, they can be well worth the investment in the long run. Think about it: spending a little extra now could save you loads of time and frustration in the future, and give you the dream curls you’ve been coveting. So why not treat yourself to the luxurious hair care products you deserve? Trust us. Your tresses (and your sanity) will thank you.

With the latest hair trends changing faster than the speed of light, the longevity of a new hairdo can be disappointing. But imagine having a new hairstyle that looks amazing and lasts for more than just a few short days. Say goodbye to constant hair maintenance and hello to effortless, stunning hair that stays on point for longer periods.

While getting a perm may seem tempting and exciting to switch up your hairstyle, it’s important to understand that not all hair types are created equal. Depending on the quality and health of your hair, a perm may not be the best choice for you. To make sure you’re making the right decision for your unique hair situation, it’s strongly recommended that you speak to a professional stylist before committing to this process. This not only ensures that you’re aware of any potential risks or damage that may result, but it also allows for a personalized approach that takes into account your specific hair type and needs. Trusting the advice of your stylist is key to achieving a beautiful, healthy, and perm-worthy look that can leave you feeling confident and stunning.

If you’ve been itching to try perming your hair, but you need help figuring out where to begin, it’s best to seek the assistance of a skilled professional. While it may be tempting to DIY your Perm, the process can be tricky and requires a certain level of expertise to avoid hair disasters. Luckily, some experienced stylists can guide you through the perm process and give you the curls or waves of your dreams. So why take on this challenge alone when you can have someone help you achieve the perfect look? Be confident about going to a salon, as it can be a fun and relaxing experience. And the best part is, you’ll walk away with beautifully permed hair you can show off to your friends and family. Trust us, seeking professional help for your Perm is the way to go!