Braids for guys have become extremely fashionable among men of various lifestyles and hair kinds. Cornrows are another name for these hairstyles, which are popular among men with natural hair. Men’s braids have gotten more diverse in recent years, shattering the misconception that braiding techniques are reserved for women’s fashion.

What Is The Man Braid

A man braid, like the man bun or top knot hairstyles, is an unusual yet socially acceptable stylistic trend. With medium-to-long hair length, you can achieve not only a fancy, manly appearance, but also a highly sharp and comfortable-to-wear style.

The opposite sex has their own sense of style and fashion, whether it’s couture, sporty, or just exquisite. When it comes to styling, hairstyles are really important, and braids for men may undoubtedly turn heads. Braids are popular among women as an everyday look, but not so much among guys, and if you want to stand out, you’ve come to the perfect place!

Braids are a developing trend among men’s long haircuts. There are many types and ways, but the French braid is the most length-versatile. One of the best things about these hairstyles is that they flatter all face shapes, either by diverting attention away from imperfections with their textured silhouettes or by accentuating particular traits with minimalist concepts.

What Do I Need To Get A Man Braid

For boys, how long does your hair have to be before you braid it? The braiding length is determined by the braider. If your hairstylist is capable of catching very short hair, you can schedule an appointment once your hair has grown to a length of 2 inches. On such hair, however, detailed plaiting is nearly impossible. As a result, you should hold off on trying complicated braid patterns until your hair reaches 4 inches in length.

How To Do Braid Hairstyle?

If you’re learning how to braid hair, the French braid is a great place to start. You may find the method difficult at first, but with a little effort, you will be able to master braiding and create a man braid hairstyle on your own. Stick to the fundamentals!

Always part damp hair for a more pleasant parting. Comb the area where you’d like to braid.
Then take a portion of your hair in the front and separate it into three strands.
Begin braiding your hair by crossing the right strand over the middle, then the left.
Select a new strand from the back of the head and weave it into your left strand, working with the left strand.


Cornrows are one of our all-time favourite hairstyles, and if you’re looking for creative braids for men, this is a terrific alternative.

What’s more, because the cornrow braids are done close to the scalp to begin with, your hair doesn’t have to be very long to achieve them. You may get cornrows in a really attractive style even if you have short hair.

These vibrant braids will push you beyond of your comfort zone and add a splash of colour to your ensemble. Men who don’t mind being in the spotlight can make a bold statement by highlighting their long cornrows with vivid colours.

Top knot braids are a must-try if you want to draw attention to your crown. Begin with simple cornrows, choosing the separation and spacing between them, then twisting them tightly into a knot once they reach the very top. With this modern style, a fade will look fantastic.

How do you do a Dutch braid? (Cornrow)

You’ll need to do the following to make a Dutch braid:

Brush the hair until it is free of knots and tangles.
Make a distinction between the hair on the top of your head and the hair on the bottom.
Dividing the top area into three equal parts is a good idea.
Place the right section under the middle section using your right hand.
Take the left piece of your hair in your left palm and tuck it underneath the middle section (the former right section).
Hair from the right section should be added to the right area and placed under the centre section.
With the left section, repeat the previous process.
Steps 6 and 7 should be repeated until no hair remains.
Use an elastic band to secure the braid.

Box Braids For Men

Box braids for guys are ideal for people seeking protective styles that don’t necessitate a lot of effort. These are done with “boxy” hair divides, which are square-shaped hair divisions.

So, if you’re looking for a protective style for a few weeks, there are a plethora of box braid designs to choose from.

Box braids are a good option if your hair isn’t long enough to be braided. You’ll need extensions to pull them off, so it doesn’t matter how long or thick your original hair is. This haircut will also prevent your delicate tresses from breakage and other types of damage.

How do you maintain box braids?

Take the following methods to maintain your box braids looking their best for as long as possible:

To keep your hair from frizzing, wear a satin or silk scarf every time you go to bed.

To keep your scalp hydrated, use a leave-in conditioner every two or three days.

Wash your braids every two weeks to keep them clean. Between washes, dry-wash (a damp washcloth soaked in shampoo and warm water) or use dry shampoo.

To renew your hairstyle, redo the edges of your box braids.

Remove your braids within eight weeks of receiving them.

Braids With Fade

A fade haircut with braids is one of our favourites since it makes the latter the focal focus of the outfit. Nothing attracts attention away from your elaborate men braid styles on the top of the head as you remove the hair from the sides and back.

Man Bun Braids

Nothing beats a man bun for sexiness! The man bun braids for men, on the other hand, are fascinating if you want to take your hairdo to the next level! This haircut will definitely capture the ladies’ attention, whether you have full-length hair or simply on your crown. What’s to stop you?

Why not combine all of the latest men’s hairstyles to create a genuinely seductive and masculine look? A precise texture, a crisp fade, the ageless man ban, and a beard are all features of this idea that a trendy man would want to wear. A braid fade haircut is the ultimate form of style accuracy!

Braids And Undercut

Thin braids appear to be complicated and unusual. They entice you to examine them closely in order to spot the pattern. You might add an undercut to your hairdo to emphasise the braids even more. When your sides are significantly shorter than your top, the focus switches entirely to the latter.

Two Braids For Men

The two braids for men would be remarkable for you if you have short hair with a fade haircut and want the Asap Rocky-style!

Most guys who only have hair on the top of their heads choose for two braids, especially if they want to protect their strands.

Three Braids

When two braids are no longer sufficient, guys might opt for a three braided hairdo. It’s defined and edgy, and it immediately sets you out from the crowd. Furthermore, it looks great with a man braid bun, which is popular among black men.

Four Braids

Four braid hairstyles for guys are a big commitment because they take time and work to develop as well as maintain. However, the end product is so eye-catching and jaw-dropping that it is well worth it.

Zig Zag Braids

Men’s zig zag braids can give your hair a breath of fresh air. It’s fashionable and gives you a good time when you wear it with your outfit. It’s a one-of-a-kind patterned haircut that men can’t resist, especially when it comes to comfort.


Twist braids for men are worth a try, whether they’re tight or little, especially if you have medium to long hair. Many of you may be wondering how to keep men’s braids in good condition. Just use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and hydrate it. Pat your scalp gently to keep your twist hairstyles in place.

Twist braids for men, whether tight or loose, are worth a try, especially if you have medium to long hair. Many of you may be asking how to maintain the health of men’s braids. To cleanse and moisturise it, simply use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. To keep your twist hairstyles in place, simply pat your scalp.

Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids were once thought to be exclusively worn by women, although this is no longer the case. These are some of the men’s braids that are mild but elegant in every way.

Side Braids

How do you feel about adding a one-side braided look to your dramatic long hairstyle? Simply braid one side to notice the difference. This approach will give a novel perspective on the typical pompadours or lengthy undercuts.

Side Cornrows

Men with side braids will always be the centre of attention, no matter where they travel. They’ll undoubtedly gain you the distinction of fashion savvy guy because they’re unique and fun.

Single Plait

The single plait is one of the most common braid patterns for males, whether it’s little or large. They’re simple to produce and give you a fashionable look. It’s one of the simplest yet most stylish braids for men you’ll find.

French Braid Men

While simple to achieve, a French men braid style is eye-catching and bold. This is one of those classic men’s braid styles that never goes out of style. It also allows for different accents, such as faded sides or an undercut.

Spider Braids

Cornrows can be done in a variety of ways for males. If you’re seeking for something truly unique, you’ve come to the right place. Men will never go overlooked with these spider web cornrow braids.

How To Style Braids For Men

Men could follow the techniques below to produce basic yet beautiful braids:

Spray your hair to make it simpler to handle, and use a comb or hair brush to eliminate any tangles.
Decide where you want your male braids to go and separate off three hair strands of the same size.
With your right hand, draw the right strand over the middle strand.
With your left hand, pull the left strand across the middle one.
Rep steps 3 and 4 till your hair reaches the finish.
Using an elastic band, secure the braid.
Continue braiding the remaining men’s hair until you reach the appropriate amount of braids.

Now you know why man braids are so trendy these days: they’re a stylish and eye-catching way to play around with medium to long hairstyles. With today’s ideas and techniques, you may effortlessly replicate the hairstyles seen on celebrities and athletes. Go ahead and try one of the styles!

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