30+ Amazing Haircuts for Men with Round Faces

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The round face shape can be the most difficult of all facial shapes to select the most elegant haircuts for. With the wrong haircut for men with round faces, your style will lose its aesthetic appeal when you have full cheekbones, a rounded jaw, and an equal breadth of face.

If you understand and adhere to a few important style guidelines, choosing and styling the greatest haircuts for round faces can be lot simpler. You may get all the most useful life tips in this article, along with many suggestions for haircuts for men with round faces. To make your subsequent visit to the barber successful, you might use them as a model, inspiration, or even a guide.

Would you like to know all the secrets of less chubby and an apparently prolonged silhouette for round faces? Simply scroll down.

Textured Spiky Hair + Low Bald Fade

By keeping the sides of the haircut extremely clean and tidy while leaving the top spiky and textured, you can help slim round faces and make them appear more angular. To avoid ruining the ideal proportions – that we work so hard to achieve, make sure the upper half of the low fade is smooth enough and the graduation is not too severe.

Smooth Buzz with Beard

Even though we’ve previously mentioned that buzz cuts should be avoided for round faces, you can still pull it off if you grow a lengthy beard and make the top portion somewhat longer than the sides. The beard gives the face a longer appearance.

Pompadour with an Undercut

This is an illustration of a trendy, round-headed haircut. The fullness of the crown will be highlighted, and a swept-back pompadour with an undercut will give you extra height and boost your self-esteem so that no one will notice your round face shape and chubby cheeks.

High Fade + Shape Up + Long Comb Over

Show your barber this picture to request a haircut with a similar lengthy comb-over for men with round faces. This beautiful beard and side design will grab everyone’s attention if the work is done effectively. Use a styling wax and comb to achieve the top texture that this look calls for.

Side Bangs

One of the worst haircuts for a round face shape is straight, long, edgy bangs that fall on the forehead. This method will, however, work if you let your bangs frame your face while carelessly flowing down the sides.


If worn loose and upswept in a bun or a ponytail, dreadlocks can look good on both women and men with round faces. This hairstyle is popular among reckless men with round faces since it is easy to maintain and versatile. Looking for a long hairstyle that flatters a man’s round face? Consider a unique dreads look.

Messy Medium Length Hair + Facial Hair

Men with round faces can experiment with this classy and elegant look. Facial hair and messy medium-length haircuts for round faces contribute to the appearance of a sexy evil guy who can seduce anyone and close any business.

Comb Over with Hard Part

The element or detail that probably has advantages only is the asymmetrical hard side parting line. First off, it doesn’t separate the round face or divide the head into two equal portions.

It also makes it possible to have a high, distinctive side-swept crown, which is excellent for visually lengthening a round face. The geometrical perfection it adds, combined with the sharp hairline, corrects the too-soft and puffy features of the round face.

Messy Waves

Keep in mind that mess and texture are always preferable to a perfect straight mane when choosing long hairstyles for round faces. Don’t forget to grab a cool gentleman beard to cover the chin in addition, and also don’t forget to add some beachy waves and a hint of summer carelessness. For big dudes with round faces, this type of haircut can also be ideal.

Slicked Back with Tapered Sides

Your taper should be absolutely ideal for a round face. Straight lines and fades at an improper angle should be strictly controlled and avoided by your stylist. The greatest hairstyle for a man with a round face achieves its aesthetic goal with the help of an upswept volume at the top and a small bear.

Angular Fringe

Add a one-side angular fringe to short haircuts to alter the appearance of a round face. Just take a look at how this guy’s spiky side fringe and extremely low temple taper fade freed up the side of his face.

High Top Fade with Beard

This collection of images shows how different guys can appear with a softened and an edgy haircut. Clearly, the second variation is a lot more effective combo that will lengthen and distinguish your round face.

Longer Textured Top + Fade

If you want to draw attention away from your cheeks, try having a haircut similar to Justin Timberlake’s look, which features a round face with a textured or wavy top.

Mid Skin Fade + Quiff + Beard

This is an example of a traditional haircut for a round face. This classic clean-shaven beard and short sides with swept-back quiff style will be able to define the look and balance out your features.

Long French Crop

The secret is that the longer and more contemporary your French crop is, the better it is as a haircut for men with round faces. This cropped cut has all the necessary ingredients to be on the list of the finest hairstyles for round faces with a longer fringe thanks to the addition of layers and a pop-up crazy colour.

Sleek Side Part

Classics never let you down. Because of this, you always have a traditional, timeless side part that can be customised to suit your tastes. Not sure how to style men’s haircuts with a sleek side part for a round face? Examine this video tutorial.

Edgy Fauxhawk

The faux hawk is most likely one of the wildest and most rebellious haircuts for men. It’s also wonderful for giving circular faces the required volume and angles. You need to develop medium-length hair if you want to have a notable fauxhawk look.

Afro Twists

You can either make the twists longer to fall down the sides and slightly lengthen a round face or keep them short and upswept to provide the appearance of height at the top.

Curls and Bangs

Curls should only be styled with the utmost care since, if done incorrectly, they can totally alter the proportions of the face. So, two styling options exist: a high and tight fade and longer, messy bangs with a beard.

Man Bun and Beard

If your hair is long enough, you can style it in a top knot or the iconic man bun. To provide the appearance of a sharp jawline, wear updo hairstyles for round faces with facial hair or a full beard.


Actually, there are several possibilities for people with round faces. And the vast majority of these choices are pertinent and trendy. Meet the blowout, another fashionable option for men with round features. You’ll obviously need some hairspray, a hairbrush, and a blow dryer to get the haircut.

Side Part

This collection continues with yet another side part idea, which is understandable given that it’s one of the most adaptable and adjustable short haircuts for guys with round faces.

Shaved Sides + Long Slick Back + Full Beard

It’s a common misconception that brushing your hair back would simply highlight your round face shape. Yeah, it won’t be a good idea to smooth back a greaser that rests closely to the scalp, but this photo’s style actually works extremely well because there is a lot of volume on top.

Straight Shag

Longer straight hairstyles are less popular among men with round faces. Your round face will be defined and given shape if you give your medium-length haircut some layers and a jagged finish.

Textured Spikes

Try sweeping your hair up and creating spikes to modify the profile of your face, especially if your hair is thick. Your round face will get the essential edge and sharpness from high spikes (those that are over an inch tall). The sides should be short and the top should be left longer, according to your barber. Use a matt styling product to add texture, manage the shape, and highlight the points if you want your spikes to last a long time.

Skin Fade + Part + Messy Combover

You will draw attention to the top of your face and detract from its roundness and softness if you have a sloppy combover like the one in the picture with a juicy hard portion. Such haircuts help break up the symmetry of a round face shape, as do stubble or beards.

Textured Caesar Cut

Consider this contemporary variation of the Caesar cut with the textured volume on top and an asymmetric fringe if you appreciate the idea of the French crop and exceptional hairstyles for men.

High Fade with Thick Quiff

When your hair is thick, there are many styling options and innovative solutions available. Use a blowdryer, a styling pomade, and a clean high fade to add contrast and distinction to your appearance. A long beard with sharp borders will look fantastic with this look.

Thick Brush Back + Taper Fade + Short Beard

Another and much simpler option for thick hair is to simply brush the crown back while lightly distributing some hair product to keep it in place. To complete the look, add a low taper fade to the back of your head.

Mid Fade with Hard Part Comb Over

Finally, but certainly not last, a timeless, adaptable, and simple haircut for men with round faces. This style simply requires a few minor tweaks to the location of the hard parts, such as copying and pasting. But your barber should take care of that.

Choosing The Right Hairstyle For Men With A Round Face

The basic goal is to give your face more angles and dimension. Here are some recommendations for men with round faces:)

What haircut will look good on a round face?

The hairstyles with short sides and a longer top that have good volume and texture look the best on round faces. Your face will appear slim and oval-shaped as a result.

Is long hair good for round faced men?

Yeah, as long as it doesn’t last too long (it will add width to the face.) The ideal haircuts for men with round faces and chubby cheeks are short sides and medium-length tops with added texture.

What hairstyles should round faced men avoid?

Bulk, soft bangs, military buzz cuts, long hair that falls towards the temples, and centre parts should be avoided by men with round faces.

For a round face, what parting should I use?

The greatest hairstyles for round faces don’t have a part, have a deep side part, or a middle part. Don’t part your hair in the middle. Men with round faces should have asymmetrical haircuts to provide the illusion of length.