Unlock 2023’s Top 50 Curtain Bangs Trends

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Curtain bangs, also known as Bardot bangs, have become a popular hairstyle among women. They have recently made a comeback with some improvements.

 Some people may view them as not being classy, but they have been worn by many celebrities and are considered a sophisticated hairstyle. There are many stylish cuts and styles of curtain bangs for women to choose from for a great look.

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2 Popular Curtain Bangs Hairstyles

How to Style Curtain Bangs

The paragraph discusses how curtain bangs can change a woman’s appearance and how styling them correctly can enhance a look, but if done incorrectly or the wrong type of bangs are chosen, it can have negative effects. The video tutorial mentioned will provide guidance on the correct way to style curtain bangs.

Knowing some of the various haircuts and choosing one that complements your facial shape, skin tone, hair length and type will be important if you decide to get this haircut.

We are here to assist you. A selection of various hairstyles for ladies with curtain bangs is provided below. So make sure to scroll down and check out the collection of classics we have for you.

1. Fresh Copper Hair with Curtain Bangs

This has curly, stylish coper hair. To avoid adding too much weight, the style is medium in length. In addition, the curtain bangs are used to frame the oval faces. Unquestionably, bangs and new copper go great together.

2. Half Up with Long Curtain Bangs

This cut can work wonders for you if you have naturally long hair and want to step it up this year. When combined with a 1960s hairstyle, such as larger half-up, the effects are intriguing.

3. Curtain Bangs with Rounded Ends

Many folks choose to get curtain bangs this year with their bluntly cut bobs. However, bangs can enhance and soften the appearance. The appearance is very adaptable and sassy.

4. Choppy Straight Bob with Highlights

Your already thick hair could occasionally feel as though you have added another layer to it. Your long bob will gain volume and movement with this short curtain bangs trim. It is not suggested for women with curly hair, though.

5. Amazing Updos With Curtain Bangs

We can trim our bangs in order to achieve these updo appearances. Braids and top-knots look fantastic when complemented by this lovely hairstyle. If you have a long face, it is the best method for achieving smooth updos. It will be superb at maintaining equilibrium.

6. Wavy Long Bob

Are you looking for long hair curtain bangs? Why not compliment your elegant bob with the newest style because the long, wavy bob has been around for a while? Therefore, a haircut with curtain bangs will give your wavy bob more dimension without requiring any additional maintenance.

7. The Modern Bardot

You picture Bardot when you see a haircut with curtain bangs in your head. Many ladies still find inspiration in this classic look, but we prefer it with a few subtle modern updates. This style has a fantastic appearance thanks to the combination of enhanced texture and face-framing layers.

8. Bangs for Side Swept Curtains

Many of the curtain bang styles we see have a window that is raised out of your face and parted along the middle. Due to their facial features, not all women find this attractive, though. To achieve the desired effect, go for s bangs separated on either side to provide extra wispy and hazy curtain-bangs.

9. Lash -Skimming Style

Ryan Richman pioneered the contemporary curtain bang hairstyle known as “lash-skimming.” It is a blunt, powerful bang that changes your appearance depending on how you wear it. Its roots typically contain volumes.

10. Side Swept Bangs with A Bun

This fresh look includes side-swept bangs that beautifully highlight your cheekbones and blow-gazing. It is the perfect hairdo to showcase your prominent cheekbones.

11. Curtain-like bangs on long hair

Particularly when the hair is parted straight down the middle, this look reflects important spectacular fashion trends.

12. A long, layered hairstyle

The big curtain bangs haircut looks good with the thinned-out fringe. Use dry shampoo at the base and mess up your bangs with your fingertips if they are falling on your forehead.

13. Curly Bangs

Did you say that the water and oil of hairstyles are bangs and curls? That is being blasted by this bang as useless village chatter. Simply put, well-defined waves are more beautiful than a frizzy mop. To keep your coils crisp, make sure to moisturise your hair regularly.

14. Fake Fashion

This is a simple, effective method of adding fringe without cutting your hair. Get a hairpiece that matches the texture and colour of your hair for natural bangs. Next, create a middle part in your hair, tease the ends, and secure them in place with hairspray. In order to blend the bangs with the rest of your mane, finish by brushing your natural hair.

15. Thick and Blunt

This big bang shrinks an oval face and is appropriate for thick hair. The difference between the curly bob and the straight bangs is very obvious. The style also radiates excitement in how it conceals the brows.

16. Women’s hairstyle with thick, mid-length bangs and curtain bangs

These are the classic looks that complement practically every face type beautifully. To achieve a stunning appearance, all you have to do is separate them with your fingers. The bangs are more bouncy and challenging to conceal because they don’t taper to the sides.

17. Classic Side Swept Curtain Bangs

Do you recall the time when wearing side-swept bangs was considered to be a rite of passage? They found it challenging to smooth down and maintain their position, which was unusual. That is what draws people to them. This design will work best with a straightforward texture enhanced by a polishing component.

18. Long Airy Curtain Bangs

If you have fine hair, an airy curtain bang will look deliberate rather than endemic. You should, though, give them more restraint. Trimmings stay flat against your forehead when you sweep a flat iron over the manes.

19. Short and Precise

Pixie haircuts appear more gamine and inventive with subtle bangs. They also provide the impression that smaller foreheads are longer and round faces are slimmer. For a stunning look, instruct your hairstylist to clip your bangs three inches back from the brows.

20. Dynamic Long Shaggy Cut

Bangs that reach your cheekbones and the right corners of your eyes look flattering on faces with an oval or round shape. Center part them and flick out the ends with a flat iron to get this style. By doing this, the fringe develops a laid-back appearance.

21. Jagged and Asymmetrical

A short crop really enhances Katy Perry’s bangs. However, bangs also look fantastic with long cuts. Add loads of pomades to hold them in place and mix them deeply on one side so they may lay flat.

22. Extended Face Framing with Curtain Bangs

If you examine this face-framing style closely, you will see that the frontal hair is kept short and eventually grows out to the length of the side hairs. You give this haircut a slight flaw by splitting them in the middle.

23. Messy half-closed dinner

This ultra curtain bang is preferred by females with a prominent forehead. It is the perfect haircut to completely conceal your broad forehead and give you the girl-next-door look. When you don’t have enough time to get dressed completely, the messy half-bun at the top is ideal.

24. Super Swept Faux

You can tell it is at its best if you have seen someone with this stunning curtain bang. The style is distinguished by a variety of textures and sweeping hair on either side at the front to conceal the head. For women with round faces and prominent foreheads, it works exceptionally well.

25. Medium Shag

Do you recall the evening Taylor Swift completely nailed the Anna Wintour hairstyle? Happily, those times are behind us. To create this sleek and edgy style, she ditched her straight bangs in favour of a shag with delicate, sweeping bangs.

26. A Centrally Parted Layered Bun with A Curtain Bang

The greatest option for women with broad foreheads and diamond-shaped faces is to get their hair cut into layers. Your cheekbones and forehead appear smaller since the style effectively frames the face on all sides.

27. Ultra-Sharp Curtain Bangs with Top Knot

Listen, every woman wants to appear edgy, cool and badass. Thank goodness this hairstyle demonstrates what that means to you. Without a doubt, this top vertical knot, enhanced by crisp straight bangs, is not for the timid.

28. A Two-Tier Ponytail

This hairstyle consists of a lovely low ponytail and two magnificent curtain bangs. The highlights in this hairdo must be silver lavender to look more attractive. With this Queen of the Coast killer style, nothing can go wrong for you.

29. Short Layers with Curtain Bangs

When selecting a haircut for your long forehead, there are other possibilities besides bangs. Layers can show that this is true. Cut the short layers in your medium-length hair and part it on the side to create this look quickly and easily.

The initial layer of your hair is then chopped into bangs on either side of your face. Your forehead will be largely hidden by these bangs from the sides of your head.

30. Scrunched Up Hair

Out of all the curtain bang hairstyles, this is our favourite. You may achieve this incredibly attractive texturized hair by following a straightforward hair-scratching technique. And if you wish to add some character to your hair, do a deep side part and enhance it with a braid for a hippy effect.

31. Glam Hairstyle

Even if you aren’t going to a red carpet event, a date night or girls’ night out call for a glam appearance with curtain bangs. To add volume and this sensual wavy texture, you can use hairspray.

32. Curtain Bangs with Glasses

A little curtain slam that only brushes a woman’s glasses is always appropriate. Also stunning with the fringe is a medium-length hairstyle with lengthy layers.

33. Low Pony

No matter where you’re going, a low ponytail with bangs that are straight like curtains is a stylish look. For smoothness and to hide an unsightly hair tie, wrap the ponytail in your hair.

34. Blunt Brunette Bangs

Normally, a blunt cut can seem a touch harsh on the fringe, but it looks good with these curtain bangs for a straight, elegant shoulder-length brunette hairdo.

35. Kinky bangs on a curly curtain

Kinky curtain bangs are adorable whether you have natural black hair or choose to sport kinky curls. To brighten dark hair, add blonde or caramel highlights.

36. Bardot Bangs

Women all over the world took notice when Nicole Richie debuted Bardot bangs. They are exceptionally lengthy and look great on eyes of any hue. Put on over a lovely boho headband!

37. Long Thin Hair Asian curtain bangs

Is the texture of your hair thin? To instantly add sophistication, first add thick layers, then straighten and make blunt curtain bangs pin-straight.

38. Parted Curtain Bangs

Many people wear their curtain bangs to somewhat cover their eyes, but for a night out look, use some product to comb them to the sides as an additional face-framing technique.

39. Frizzy Hair and Smooth Bangs

When your long, layered hair is straight but slightly wavy and you wear your curtain bangs sleek and straight, it creates a cool contrast.

40. J. Lo Curly Curtain Bangs

Take a cue from fashion superstar Jennifer Lopez, who wears her long hair naturally with her curtain bangs softly curled. Long layers centred around the face should continue to frame the face.

41. Zooey Deschanel

We adore Zooey Deschanel’s long, curly hair with her lovely, straight curtain bangs. Avoid sporting a gruff appearance, but don’t make bangs pin straight. It’s the wave that’s important.)

42. Thin Curtain Bangs

With long, straight curtain bangs that enable your eyes play peekaboo with the outside world when your hair is down or pulled back into a short ponytail, no one will realise that your hair is thin.

43. Sparse Curtain Bangs for Older Women

You’ll adore sparse curtain bangs if you’re an older woman who doesn’t enjoy spending a lot of time grooming her hair. Since you’re wearing them naturally, they require no care, so you can get ready quickly. To a short bob or a medium-length hairdo, add them.

44. Feathered Hair

The hair appears to have a lovely flipped-up aspect at the ends when it is feathered. Large curls and wavy curtain bangs give Jane Fonda’s short hair the appearance of being thick and voluminous.

45. Curtain Bang Updo

A medium updo, such as a twisting bun, along with long, straight curtain bangs and loose hair around the ears will give you the stunning girl next door look. All you need for the finishing touch is a bright red lip.

46. Layered bob with bangs, a bob style with curtain bangs

Are you an oval-faced person? You’ll look fantastic with a short, layered bob that is wavy. Curtain bangs round or square out an oval form that you might not like and conceal a broad forehead.

47. Kristen Dunst’s long curtain bangs with a low bun

You can take inspiration from actress Kristen Dunst on how to style curtain bangs; the pros are styling her. For a low bun updo, short, softly wavy blonde bangs look stunning.

48. Vintage Curtain Bangs

Did you ever think that you were born in the wrong time? You’ll feel at home with a retro hairstyle and curtain bangs. Generally wear your hair straight, but flip the ends. Use a headband or tease the crown for volume.

49. Patchy drape Celebrity curtain bangs in fashion

On actress Jennifer Garner, this piecey curtain bang strikes a balance between heavy and soft bangs. She wears hers elegantly with a low bun, but long, loose hair with highlights would look just as stunning.

50. Women’s Beach Waves curtain bangs

For a laid-back look, wear a medium wavy hairdo with straight, short curtain bangs to the beach or the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Down below are answers to some questions that are frequently asked about curtain bangs hairstyles.

What exactly are curtain bangs?

It is a kind of fringe where you divide your hair in the middle and have long hair pieces frame your face. Because they resemble draped window curtains perhaps a little, many refer to them as “curtain bangs.”

What do you call curtain bangs?

They are also referred to as fringe bangs. Brigitte Bardot, a French model, gave her hairstyle the alternative name “Bardot bangs.”

Does a heart-shaped face look well with curtain bangs?

Yes. With a relaxed fringe that reaches past the brows, curtain bangs on a heart-shaped face will balance the forehead and chin.

Do curtain bangs suit faces with round features?

Curtain bangs indeed look great on round faces. They will highlight your cheekbones and give your face more depth.

Can someone with thin hair wear curtain bangs?

Yes, thin hair can look really nice with curtain bangs. It will be wispy, carefree, and face-framing on thin hair.

They may be simpler to maintain than other varieties of thin hair bangs and will still look nice as they mature. Long bangs and layers can be be used together to provide the appearance of volume and texture.

Do curtain bangs hairstyles high maintenance?

No, curtain bangs hairstyles often require little upkeep. They are normally long enough so that they won’t dry unnaturally and are cut to fit the texture of your actual hair. The only thing you need to do to maintain bangs is part your hair in the centre and style it as usual.

You may either leave the bangs alone to develop longer face-framing pieces or you can cut them to maintain the shorter length because they are made to do so.

Will curtain bangs reduce the size of my forehead?

Curtain bangs, like other styles of bangs, can assist hide a portion of your forehead and give the appearance of a smaller forehead. Particularly thick bangs will make your forehead appear smaller.

Can we part curtain bangs on the side?

Although curtain bangs are usually fashioned with a centre part, an off-center part can also look good.

The side-swept bang, a retro style that hasn’t yet made a comeback, will result from splitting your hair so far to the side that all of your bangs are on one side of your head.

Are face-framing bangs and curtain bangs similar?

Face-framing bangs and curtain bangs resemble one other almost exactly, however curtain style bangs are typically shorter and more definite.

The majority of the time, it ends below the brows and is noticeably shorter than the rest of your hair. Shorter hairstyles that frame your face but blend in with the rest of your hair are known as face-framing bangs or face-framing layers.

You can frequently style bangs the same way you would face-framing bangs as they grow out. Layers or bangs that frame the face are another fantastic options to play with bangs without going all out.

Do curtain bangs look well on an oval face?

In fact, an oval face looks good with curtain bangs. An oval face will benefit from bangs that highlight the cheekbones and eyes, much like a round face would.

Can curtain bangs make my face look thinner?

Although curtain bangs may not make your face appear thinner, they will bring attention to the top half of your face, which may make the lower portion of your face appear narrower in comparison.

We hope that this look will give you a carefree appearance that will let your inner child out or a legendary fashion-forward image. It’s a gorgeous look that will completely change how we style bobs and longer haircuts.

Prior to designing the curtain bangs or opening the window, keep in mind to retain your bangs and hair structure.