18 Of the Best Blowout Haircuts For Men in 2023

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Blowout haircuts for men typically give the impression that the bearer has just weathered a gale-force wind while strolling through one of the most bizarre and authentic male longer hairstyles.

Although the blowout style was more common in previous decades, many fashionistas still wear their hair up now, modifying and fusing it with contemporary trends.

The popular Jersey Shore haircut with straight spikes works for a variety of hair textures. For Afro black male hair on top, a blowout taper works just as well as it does in a normal Chadwick Boseman haircut.

For thick hair and textured hair, you can achieve this hairstyle easily with a blow-dry with a round brush; for unruly and straight hair, the hair blowout also requires some powerful texturizing hair.

In general, properly executed blowout hairstyles can survive a lot, even a football game starring David Beckham and a scorching performance by Adam Levine. A haircut blowout has this additional cool thing of looking very different on different guys.

To know all the secrets of a perfect blowout hairstyle for you, you must check this guide out on the best blowout haircuts.

Best Blowout Hairstyles For Men

A straight blowout with a high fade, a messy blowout with natural texture, or even curly hair on top are all examples of the greatest blowout haircuts for men. The following is a list of various striking variations on this trendy haircut for young men and elderly men:

Short Blowout Haircut

We have a really short blowout with skin faded sides and back and slightly longer hair on top for lads who enjoy being understated and having a plain appearance. To recreate the ideal look from the photo, it’s crucial to maintain the symmetry of the hairline and beard lines and the proportions of the face.

High Blowout Fade

This high-top skin-fade haircut and blowout seem so aggressive. You are going to look great in this contemporary blowout hair cut with a temple fade if you have thin to medium hair. Simply ask your barber a medium fade, high blowout finish on top, sides that are moving up rather than rounded, and a unique texture. You won’t even need to use hair gel for styling; all you will need is a small amount of pomade and a sturdy hairspray.

Curly Blowout Fade

Messy blowout curly hair that is brushed upwards stands in stark contrast to the fashionable bald taper faded sides and pointed shaved lines. The blowout in the hair will be made naturally, which is one of the advantages of this curly blowout hairstyle, but you must periodically check to make sure the sides and back are incredibly clean and don’t require trimming. Afro hair will look fantastic in similar blowout hairstyles.

Afro Blowout

Some males favor maintaining their Afro blowout hairstyles for men to be as fluffy and soft as a cloud. When the hair texture is quite coarse and the taper fade is extremely low, this look works particularly well.

Long Blowout Haircut

Having a beard and medium-length layers with a carefree blowout haircut? Why not? This one is particularly helpful if you want to grow your hair out. With the use of a blow-dryer or a medium hold cream, you may let your hair become as long as you like and still maintain the easy-going, carefree shape of a straight blowout.

Blowout Haircut For Black Men

If you’re seeking for a blowout haircut for black guys, you can take inspiration from these high taper stylish hairstyles. Play around with the crown’s texture by leaving the curls as they are, giving them a slight twist, or even experimenting with dreadlocks. Everything looks good with an Afro blowout.

Blowout Taper

This blowout fade haircut is for you if you wish to have a blowout taper with a quiff that stays up all day, is full of texture, and has a lot of volume. It has a long full top and is rather short and neat around the back and sides. The fundamental styling technique is to coat the length of the hair in styling cream, and then add more greasy touches to the tips.

Taper Fade Blowout

With the appropriate blowout hairstyle, you can give the appearance of having a full, voluminous crown even if your hair is thinning. This look will rock and kill when paired with a moustache and black, silky beard.

Low Blowout Haircut

In addition to seeming not too posh and out-of-date, blowout haircuts can also look modest, traditional, and classy because to the styling’s somewhat smooth finish. Apply some volume mousse or paste to the hair, blow-dry it away from the face, and use a flat brush to finish the style for this Hollywood hair blowout.

Low Taper Fade Blowout

Men often choose the most straightforward and fundamental blowout hairstyle among the options available. That makes sense, particularly if you struggle to style high blowouts on a regular basis. With a blowout that has a modest taper fade, everything is quite simple.

Spiky Hair Blowout

This spiky top and blowout fade hairstyle symbolizes the sense of rebellion and freedom. For older men, a blowout taper fade may even make them appear much younger than their ID actually indicates. Young guys adore it.

Straight Hair Blowout

Naturally straight hair can be rather difficult to preserve this volume and shape, especially if it is long and thick, but it is well worth the effort! Employ an excellent texturizer and a stronghold hair product. If you style your typical fade haircut with a blow dryer in this manner, it will radically transform the way you look.

Skin Fade Blowout

Blow-drying the length on top doesn’t always result in an unusual or exceptional style. This skin fade with a textured sweep over is a blowout haircut with Ivy League influences. To style it, push the front hair up and back before sweeping it to one side. To achieve the men’s blowout hairstyle, you can also use a sea salt spray and a matte paste.

Textured Blowout

A blowout with curly texture is a very flexible choice. You can opt to wear it combed back and formal or messy and unconnected – that’s your choice.

Brooklyn Blowout

For guys with textured hair, the Brooklyn blowout haircut is a straightforward and uncomplicated look. It’s great for everyday use when paired with some jeans and a t-shirt.

How Can we Style a Blowout Haircut?

Blowout hairdo styling is a lot of fun and creative. In reality, you are free to act anyway you like here, so don’t be hesitant. Here are some pointers for getting the ideal blowout style:

The top must be put back and up as soon as possible (use a styling product and a blowdryer for this.)

Your hair should be spiked up and slightly rolled back.

If your hair is thin, use a texturizing or sea salt spray.

How can a blowout be updated?

A blowout style doesn’t look as good as it formerly did on days three and four. Use a blow dryer and a round brush and go back through the dry hair area by section to bring it back to life (as you do when you are styling it wet.

What exactly Is a Blowout Haircut?

A blowout is a kind of haircut for men that has short sides, a clean fade, and well-groomed, voluminous hair on top that seems as though a gust of wind just hit the bearer in the face. Long top strands hold up, maintaining the volume and shape.

In the 1990s, blowouts for hair gained enormous popularity in New York and quickly expanded to other US East Coast cities including Philadelphia and New Jersey. The blowout fade haircut, often called the Brooklyn fade, is currently back in style.

Can a blowout haircut damage your hair?

As the excessive heat is bound to affect the hair, yes, it can. However, there’s no need to be tensed if you don’t do it frequently and also use heat protestants.

How long Can a blowout last?

A decent blowout haircut will last for 4-5 days in moderate humidity, and using dry shampoo will extend its longevity even further. Also, the thickness and texture of your hair affect how long your haircut will last.

How Do We Get a Blowout Haircut for Guys?

By effectively blow-drying the hair on top, you may produce a blowout cut that has texture and volume. The modern blowout effect may therefore be achieved on hair of various lengths with just some hair gel or pomade, a brush, and a hair dryer. Oh, and to prevent heat damage as well, don’t forget to use a thermo hair product.

How exactly do you ask for a blowout haircut?

Mention a taper fade at the neck, sideburns, and temple region when asking for advice on the finest blowout hairstyle. Don’t forget to add if you want a smooth or spiky finish, and describe how you want the top hair to look. Always mention the shaved-in design to your barber if you want one.