Bixie Cut Guide: How to Style It & 30+ Inspiring Examples

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Ditch the plain pixie and embrace the bold bixie. This innovative haircut is the modern style that makes a statement. Whether you crave a dramatic undercut, crave curtain bangs that frame the face, or want to accentuate your best features with creative styling, the bixie delivers a plethora of eye-catching options. Forget the same old style and discover the transformative power of the bixie. One glimpse of the 30 stunning styles featured here and you’ll discover a cut that reveals your inner rock star. It’s time to unleash your flair for fashion and strut your stuff with a bixie that’s pure you.

What Is A Bixie Hair?

A Bixie haircut is no ordinary hairstyle, but rather a fresh take on the classic pixie cut. A mixture of the edgy bob and stylish pixie, the Bixie boasts sharp lines and a ton of volume. Perfect for those who can’t choose between the two, this hybrid cut is the ultimate solution. Say goodbye to boring hairdos and hello to the trendy and versatile Bixie!

How Pricey Is A Bixie Haircut?

Get a chic and stylish bixie haircut without breaking the bank! For as low as $60-$80, a skilled hairstylist can cut, shape, and style your hair to perfection. Whether you want to add some highlights or fringe bangs, they’ve got you covered! Book a hairstylist who knows all the trendy and short looks to achieve that unique blend that will make you stand out from the crowd. No need to spend a fortune to have fabulous hair!

How To Style A Bixie Cut?

Looking fabulous every day starts with some morning me-time where you can focus on perfecting your stunning style. Whether you’re going for a sleek and chic bixie on the side, or a bold and beautiful voluminous look, the secret to achieving hair heaven is in the details. After applying your favorite hair gel, gently comb it through with a fine-tooth comb for that effortlessly flawless finish. Set your hair just how you like it and make it last all day with a spritz of your favorite hairspray. You’ll look and feel like a superstar, ready to take on the day like a boss!

1. Blonde Bixie With Bangs

Unleash your inner fashionista with a bold and beautiful hairstyle that’s sure to turn heads! Opt for the stunning and chic blonde moment, perfect for anyone with a penchant for the latest and greatest trends. Whether you’re a daring young girl or a sophisticated mature woman, this modern hairstyle is the perfect way to step up your style game and show off your unique sense of fashion. So why wait? Take the plunge and rock your blonde moment with confidence and style!

2. Short Bixie With Highlights

Transform your look with stunning highlights! Give life to limp locks by adding body and color for a bold, vibrant style. Define your hair’s shape and enhance its natural beauty with these dynamic hues.

3. Platinum Bixie With Highlights

If you’re a woman in your thirties, feel free to take the plunge and switch up your style with an oh-so chic bleached blonde haircut – it’s sure to turn heads!

4. Modern Silver Bixie

Women everywhere can now showcase their unique style with a bold and boundary-breaking bixie – the new go-to look for those who want to shake things up!

5. Colorful Rainbow Bixie Haircut

If you like to stand out and make a bold statement, this look is perfect for you. With plenty of bright colors and vibrant highlights, it’s sure to turn some heads!

6. Brown Bixie Cut

Women with a strong sense of professionalism and refinement may be drawn to the clean, classic look provided by a Bixie cut. The soft brown hues give this style an elegant edge perfect for more formal occasions.

7. Auburn Bixie Hair

This fall, inject some warmth and vibrancy into your wardrobe with a splash of red or auburn. Add an eye-catching pop to any outfit that is sure to turn heads!

8. Bright Orange Bixie Hair

Ready to make a statement? Copper hair is the perfect way for women who want to project an air of power and control, without having to commit too much time or energy.

9. Formal Bixie Hairstyle

Step out in style with a bixie! Perfect for both those special occasions and nights on the town, this fashion staple is sure to turn heads.

10. Straight Blonde Defined Bixie

Let your wild side out and say yes to long, wavy bangs! Enjoy this golden moment – it’s sure to turn some heads.

11. Dark Brown Bixie Cut

Refresh your ‘do with a natural, brown look for all those who love soft curls! This style will add just the right amount of bounce to any day.

12. Natural Brown Bixie Hairstyle

Elegant ladies, get ready to turn heads with a stunning side-swept look! Bangs add sophistication and style for any occasion.

13. Pink & Purple Bixie

Women with a flair for the unconventional can add vibrancy to their wardrobe by embracing pink, purple or lavender hues. Let these colors be your guide in expressing yourself and make an unforgettable mark!

14. Short Bixie Haircut With Bangs

Refresh your hairstyle with a look that’s sure to make an impression: cute, short bangs. This effortless style brings life and character to any ‘do for a fun yet fashionable flair!

15. Messy Bixie Haircut

Keep your blonde locks looking vibrant and fresh by recoloring them every four weeks – it’s the key to a stunning, flaxen mane.

16. Short Dark Brown Bixie Haircut

Transform your look for the night with this sexy, glamorous haircut that will definitely have heads turning! Indulge in an evening of sophistication and chic style.

17. Brown Bixie With Highlights

For the busy woman who still wants to look fashionable, this brown hairstyle is an easy and adorable way to achieve a chic style.

18. Bright Blonde Yellow Bixie

Add a bit of bounce and body to your blonde locks for an effortlessly stylish look.

19. Straight Brown Bixie Haircut

Get gorgeous locks in a flash! With just five minutes, you can achieve an amazing hairdo that will make heads turn.

20. Light Blonde Medium Length Bixie

For the driven female, this chic, light-hued ‘bixie’ provides a polished look that combines comfort and sophistication.

21. Long Bixie With Bangs

Sweet, subtle and oh-so stylish – this gorgeous brown hue is the perfect palette for any fashionista.

22. Black Bixie Hairstyle

Step out in style with this sleek and stylish dark brown bixie – perfect for adding a fashionable touch to your work wardrobe or special occasions.

23. Platinum Blonde Bixie

For the bold and daring, a bleached hairstyle is an unforgettable statement of fashion that will make you stand out in any crowd. Choose this classic modern style to show off your unique sense of flair.

24. Bright Blue Bixie

Bright neon bursts of blue and purple create a dazzling style that’s sure to make teenage girls stand out from the crowd!

25. Blonde Bixie Haircut

Keep your hair looking flawless by scheduling regular toning appointments – ideally every 4 to 6 weeks – and enjoy gorgeous, rich color that lasts!

26. Soft Brown Messy Bixie

This silky hairdo is the perfect way to make a statement. Keep it looking sleek and glossy with regular trims – you won’t regret it!

27. Brown & Blue Bixie Cut

Ready to take a risk? Dare to try out an uncommon bixie by blending the two bold colors of brown and blue!

28. Brown Bixie With Fringe

Get ready to turn heads with this chic look – team your bixie with a bold fringe for an unforgettable style!

29. Bright Coral Bixie Hair

Coral is the perfect hue for youthful, stylish party-goers! Whether you’re a teen or young woman looking to make a statement, it’s definitely worth giving this vibrant color choice some consideration.

30. Bixie Hairstyle With Highlights

Spice up your look this fall by adding some cool highlights to give you the perfect seasonal transformation!

Want To Try This Bixie Moment?

Are you looking for a way to revolutionize your hairstyle? If so, the modern bixie trend is here! Women of any age can try this look and find something that fits their personality. A new ‘do may bring out feminine features while ensuring you stand out from the crowd – so why not give it a spin? Pick your perfect cut now – we’ve got plenty to choose from!