50 Stunning Short Purple Hair Ideas & Styles

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For anyone looking to make a statement, purple hair is the perfect way to go. With its captivating range of shades and ability to look breathtaking on all kinds of locks and complexions, you really can’t lose with this daring hue! Whether it’s just a unique tint or something more long-term – whichever route you choose will undoubtedly have heads turning in admiration as soon as they take one glance at your gorgeous new ‘do. So if feel like taking the plunge into boldness today; why not start off by experimenting with these amazing ideas for rocking purple?

Here are 50 of our favorite purple hairstyles that you can try out.

1. Deep Purple

This deep, mysterious purple hair is a beautiful sight to behold – like an inescapable night sky scattered with stars. Soft and luxurious, this particular hue brings out subtle hints of shimmer when it catches the light just so; truly captivating!

2. Lavender Queen

If you’re seeking to make a dramatic shift in your hair color, bring some brightness into the mix with lavender – it’s an ideal hue for those looking to add a touch of dynamic flair while still maintaining something natural and beautiful. The subtle tones are sure to keep heads turning!

3. Purple Curls

If you’re looking to add a little life and pizzazz to your curls, why not turn up the fun with purple? This unique hue is sure to make any head of hair stand out in all the right ways. So take note: when deciding what color will give those luscious locks an extra edge – look no further than Purple!

4. Vibrant

Let your locks become a blank canvas, ready for you to express yourself with pops of creative expression. Dare to be daring and choose some bright purple tresses – amplifying the vibrancy of any look!

5. Touch of Plum

If you’re looking for a way to add some vibrancy and dimension to your hair without over-the-top contrast, opt for plum highlights! This subtle hue gives natural locks an eye-catching yet delicate pop of color that’s sure not just to turn heads but also keep beauty enthusiasts impressed.

6. Shadow Root

Give your hair a modern, new look by keeping the roots dark and adding cool pops of purple to create an edgy contrast. Mix things up in style with this eye-catching hairstyle!

7. Purple Mixture

Unleash your inner creativity by transforming yourself with a magnificent blend of purples! Adorn your mane with the regal hues, ranging from deep amethysts to glimmering lavenders. Be daring and create an eye-catching look that celebrates beauty in all its radiance!

8. Subtle Purple

For a bold, daring look with just the right amount of edge and character, go for adding a hint of purple to your hair. From subtle lavender highlights to an all-over vivid color that will turn heads wherever you go – there’s no denying that this is one trend worth trying out!

9. Peek-a-Boo

For an understated, elegant look, opt to add a bit of purple hues as highlights among your layers. This subtle touch of color will make all the difference while still keeping you looking polished and professional!

10. Smokey Purple

Give your look an edge by introducing a hint of darkness to the vibrant purple hues in your hair – it’ll make for a unique, daring combination that you won’t regret!

11. Purple Ombre

This ombre hair color is absolutely breathtaking; its graduating hues of rich and vibrant colors captivate the eye, giving an alluring look to any ensemble. Perfectly blending from one hue into another with a seamless transition, this style showcases just how gorgeous two-toned hair can be!

12. Violet

Violet is a stunningly beautiful hair color that will turn heads everywhere you go. Whether it’s the bright and cheerful lavender hues of sweet pea, or the deep regal tones of aubergine – this vibrant hue has all kinds of possibilities for making its mark on fashion-forward looks.

13. Dusty Lavender

If you’re looking for a hair hue that stands out from the crowd and promises to bring an air of chicness, try lavender! This dusty shade is one of the hottest trends today – it’s glamorous yet subtle enough to make heads turn without being too over-the-top. Plus, its versatility ensures that any complexion or style can pull off this stunning colour with ease.

14. Soft Purple

This delicate shade of lavender is a gorgeous transition to something more daring. Its soft, subtle hue lets you explore vibrant hues without going too bold at first- the perfect way to spice up your everyday look!

15. Sleek Lavender

Flattering any complexion, this sleek shade is an undeniable way to take your bob haircut game up a notch. Perfect for both day and evening looks alike – it’s sure to make heads turn!

16. Blue and Purple

For a truly mesmerizing look, try combining this stunning color palette with an on-trend pixie hairstyle! Ideal for making bold statements and turning heads wherever you go, the combination of these beautiful hues can create something simply divine.

17. Pink Purple

With its daring combination of purple and pink tones, this hair color is the perfect way to express yourself. Transform your look with a vibrant hue that’s sure to make an impression! Show off your bold side with luminous locks in a fabulous spectrum of colors – it’ll be hard not to turn heads wherever you go.

18. Dark Purple

Rocking a lob? Dark purple hair is the perfect way to elevate your look! This deep and dreamy hue will add some serious drama that’s sure to turn heads. Whether you’re looking for an edgy everyday style or something special for date night, this color has got you covered!

19. Dimensional Purple

For a look that truly stands out and expresses your personality, why not add some vibrant purple to your hair? Doing so will instantly give it added dimension; making it the perfect style statement.

20. Wine Ends

Flirt with fashion and give your locks a lavish look by trying out the trend of wine-purple dip dye! It’s sure to bring you undeniable beauty that will make heads turn wherever you go. Establish yourself as an individual who isn’t afraid to stand out in order to showcase their unique style!

21. Vibrant Purple

Unveil your inner beauty with a stunning and vibrant hue of purple. Transform yourself into an enchanting vision as you embrace this luminous shade, sure to turn heads in admiration. A refreshing change from the mundane everyday look!

22. Electric Purple

Whether you are looking to switch up your style or just want a fun night out, why not make an impression with the purple election look? This unique hairstyle is perfect for achieving an adventurous lob cut that will have heads turning everywhere. With its long layers and mesmerizing color, it’s sure to bring some serious vibes. So don’t be afraid of adding a pop of personality – embrace the power of this stunning ‘do!

23. Purple Roots

Transform your natural hair color with a vivacious burst of purple! A fun and vibrant addition to any hairstyle, this daring shade can make an entirely new look for you that will surely turn heads.

24. Velvet

If you’re hesitant to take the plunge and try an attention-grabbing dramatic shade of purple in your hair, consider velvet hair color a no-go. Not only is it vibrant, but its fabric namesake suggests that this hue could be far more intense than originally anticipated — so unless full on drama is what you’re seeking with a ‘do change up, then maybe pass over this unique option!

25. Reverse Ombre

Get creative with your hair and try something new! Reverse ombre gives you free range to express yourself in an array of beautiful purple hues. Create a personal look that’s sure to turn heads – think deep plum, lavender, lilac or any other shade you desire!

26. Fade

If you’re looking for a style that stands out, why not try the bold and beautiful blue-to-purple hair fade? This eye catching look is sure to turn heads as it transitions from azure vibrancy at its roots with hues of lavender gracefully cascading along your locks. Not only does this statement making colour combination add drama, but it also keeps things fun!

27. Violet Highlights

Take your hairstyle to the next level by adding a bold, vibrant splash of violet! Whether you want a subtle highlight or an all-over shade change, this unique color gives any style just enough edge for making heads turn and giving off vibes that are adventurous yet still totally on trend. Feel fearless in flaunting those showstopping locks proudly!

28. Duo Color

If you can’t make up your mind between two beautiful shades of purple, why not go for both? Indulge and experiment with a whole new look that combines the best elements of each color – it’s sure to turn heads! Give yourself some freedom in expression by exploring unique hairstyles. Don’t be afraid to try something bold and daring – after all, life is too short not embrace any opportunity for creativity!

29. Pearly Purple

Upgrade your ‘do with a hint of pearlescent shimmer! A subtle addition, this refined detail adds the perfect touch to any hairstyle. Allowing you stand out from others in trend-setting fashion, embrace your inner glamour goddess by adding some pearlized sheen to your locks today!

30. Texture

Transform your look with mesmerizing shades of purple! Enhance the texture and volume by experimenting with different hues, from light lilac to deep violet. With a little bit of creativity, you can create an eye-catching hairstyle that will turn everyone’s heads.

31. Amethyst

This hair color is a beautiful, vibrant purple that radiates confidence and style. It’s the perfect accessory to enhance any look with its daring hue and striking intensity. Flaunt this gorgeous new shade – it will definitely turn heads!

32. Purple Grey

Looking to spice up your locks? Why not give two-tone hair a try! Go for an exciting combination of purple and grey; the perfect shades that will bring out each other’s vibrant hues in such beautiful harmony. With this look, you’ll make sure all eyes are on you as soon as you walk into any room.

33. Sprinkle of Purple

Add a bit of playfulness and personality to your look with an unexpected splash of purple in the strands of your hair. This surprisingly vibrant hue will make you stand out, delivering maximum impact for minimum effort!

34. Velvet Purple

Ready to make a daring statement and stand out from the crowd? Look no further than velvet purple hair! This captivating shade is perfect for anyone who’s looking to take their style up a notch in an unexpected way. With its deep hue, this remarkable look will have people stopping you on the street asking where you got your gorgeous locks done.

35. Soft Purple

With a splash of purple, the messy bob hairstyle is brought to life with personality and fun! The soft hue adds a unique touch that will have you turning heads wherever you go. Whether for a night out or an everyday look, this creative style can be transformed into something totally fresh and vibrant.

36. Pastel Purple

Blending the subtlety of pastel with the vibrancy of shade, purple is making a splash in hair fashion – daring and unique, this trend stands out from traditional coloring techniques while still keeping an air of elegance. Whether it’s short or long locks you choose to dye periwinkle-hued, there’s no denying that adding just a hint of regality to your look gives off serious style clout!

37. Purple Smoke

This eye-catching shade of purple is perfect for a modern and stylish look. With smokey layers, it creates depth and dimension on a long pixie cut – an ultra-trendy style that will have you turning heads wherever you go!

38. Rosey Purple

For those who want to rock a daring and dramatic look, opting for a rose purple hair color can be the perfect way to express their individual style. This vibrant hue of purplish pink provides an eye-catching statement that will turn heads wherever you go! Plus, this stunning shade is not just reserved for bold trendsetters – anyone looking to experiment with something new in terms of haircolor should give it thought.

39. Two Tones

Showing off with a dazzling combination of colors, the contrast between the deep red hue and vibrant purple tint is breathtakingly beautiful. With just two shades, you can create an eye-catching look that will leave heads turning in admiration – what’s not to love?

40. Transitions

Blending two gorgeous shades of purple will create an ethereal and enchanting hair color that is sure to captivate any audience. An intermingling of the spellbinding hues can produce a striking style with depth, dimension and beauty beyond compare!

41. Sunset

Looking to make a bold, unique statement with your hair? Consider transitioning from natural tones into vivid pastels! With purple roots gradually blending seamlessly into a stunning sunset hue, this trend is sure to turn heads and be the envy of all.

42. Gem

The perfect combination of auburn and purple creates a sparkling gem-like effect in your hair. It’s sure to draw attention instantly, creating an eye-catching look that will dazzle for days!

43. Unicorn

Have you ever wanted to channel your inner unicorn? Well, now’s the time with this beautiful purple hair! Let it be a reminder that no matter what may come our way, we can all sparkle and shine in life. Whether its for date night or just an ordinary day out running errands, let this gorgeous shade of violet elevate any ensemble into something truly magical

44. Twins

Blending hues of pink and purple can create a truly captivating color combination – one that has become increasingly popular amongst hairstylists. The subtle transition between these colors creates an undeniably vibrant look, sure to draw admiration from everyone you pass by!

45. Berry

Channel your inner goddess with a captivating berry hue! Tap into the power of soft purple to create an ethereal, show-stopping hair color that will undoubtedly turn heads. Perfect for special occasions or regular days alike, let this luxurious shade add an extra sparkle and shine to your look.

46. Melting

A transformation of the night sky is taking place before our eyes, as a vivid black succumbs to a vibrant purple. With each passing moment, it’s as if we are being offered an unfettered glimpse into something both magical and mysterious – all thanks to this spectacular combination of colors!

47. Grape

If you’re looking for a more natural hair color that’s subtle yet eye-catching, go with grape! The deep purplish hue is ideal if you want to make an impact without being too daring. It pairs beautifully with lighter skin tones and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

48. Plum

With its captivating depths and divine luster, this stunning plum haircolor radiates beauty in an extraordinary way. It stands out as a bold statement of self-expression – allowing you to make your own unique mark on the world with each strand!

49. Berry Mixture

If you’re looking for an eye-catching hair transformation, look no further than berry purples! This daring combination of hues creates a stunning result that will leave onlookers breathless. Whether opting to spice up an updo or allowing the vibrancy wash over locks from root to tip.

50. Blushing Purple

You now have the perfect opportunity to truly flaunt your new hair transformation with a touch of blush purple! This shade will add an undeniable flair and radiance that you’ll adore. It’s time to show off all those hard work pay-offs by boosting your look even more with this amazing hue.

From vivacious and daring to light-hearted and playful, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate the magnificent hue known as purple into your wardrobe. Unleash your inner creativity – dress it up or tone it down; go with a hot color clash or opt for chic simplicity. The possibilities are truly endless!