Discover Elegance: 40 Trending Plum Hair Color Ideas

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Are you ready for a totally new look? If so, don’t limit yourself to subtle highlights – go big or go home with an epic hair transformation. Whether you’re keen on something understated like soft purples and plums, looking for some daring designs that will really show off your features; this article has got the perfect hairdo just right waiting for you! With 40 colors & cuts available in different lengths and styles — searching is over… start exploring now!

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Who Should Go For Plum Hair?

Are you ready to shake up your look? Whether it’s a subtle hue or something more striking, plum is the perfect way to add vibrancy! From long locks and bobs right through to pixies, there’s an array of options that make this color pop. Creative balayage techniques blend intricately with face-framing highlights while deep purples embolden beautiful waves – just some ideas for those looking for an exciting transformation.

Top 40 Plum Hair Ideas

1. Wavy Medium Length Plum Hair

This hue is the perfect complement for those with dark and luscious locks! Whether you’ve got rich, natural brown hair or a deep black mane, this color will do wonders to highlight your gorgeousness.

2. Asymmetrical Plum Hair

Whether your face is oval, round, heart-shaped or square – a bold asymmetrical wavy lob and gleaming dark plum highlights can refresh your look and make it truly stand out.

3. Short Wavy Plum Hair

With hair naturally boasting a healthy and glossy sheen, coupled with its dark brown hue, even the smallest of changes will bring out your best look.

4. Straight Plum Hair

Straight haired beauties, take your color game to the next level and show off this unique shade of plum! Enhance natural texture with subtle low-lights that will bring out amazing dimension. Dare to be bold – you won’t regret it!

5. Violet & Plum Hair

Showcase your inner beauty by adding a delicate blend of pink & plum tones to tousled locks. Be sure to keep up with regular maintenance for that dreamy, free-spirited look!

6. Gorgeous Wavy Plum Hairdo

For the sophisticated individual who loves subtle hues, this hairstyle is a great option for everyday wear. Its understated tones give off an elegant aura that’s sure to turn heads!

7. Purple & Plum Hair Color

Ideal for younger ladies and teens, ultraviolet hair with plum highlights offers a lively and stylish look that stands out. The bold hue is perfect to make heads turn while the subtle shades of color add just enough depth without being too much. Ultra-trendy!

8. Short Lob Plum Hair

Looking for a versatile way to stand out from the crowd? This daring hair design and color could be just what you need! Perfect for low-maintenance girls who love showcasing their unique style. Give yourself an eye-catching pop of color that can take your look up a notch in no time flat!

9. Dark Purple Plum Hair

For the mature woman looking to bring a new spark of style into their work wardrobe, this hairstyle offers an office-friendly solution that will never fail! A timeless look guaranteed to make any outing or meeting more memorable and stylish.

10. Super Long Plum Hair

With a little bit of TLC, long-haired individuals can effortlessly transition to the vibrant new hue that many are embracing this season! Healthy and well-maintained locks will ensure success in dyeing your hair any color you’d like.

11. Short Bob Plum Hair

Struggling to find a work-appropriate hairstyle? Women can now feel ready for their office hours with this easy, yet stylish hairdo that will add an extra edge of professionalism.

12. Brown Natural Hair Color With Frontal Plum Highlights

Bring out your facial features and add flattering contrast to your look by adding subtle, yet dramatic plum highlights at the front. Let them frame you in a beautiful way!

13. Plum Hair Braids

Whether you’re hitting the books or out on the town, braids are a classic hairstyle that can bring your look to life. Embrace different colors and textures with this timeless style – perfect for any occasion!

14. Auburn & Plum Hair Design

This autumn, take your look to the next level with a stunning dark red hue featuring subtle plum highlights. The perfect mix of sophistication and style for whatever plans you have this season!

15. Silky Smooth Plum Hair Design

Transform your locks into a lusciously glossy, plum-hued masterpiece! Bring out the beauty of your natural dark brown strands with this striking yet subtle shade.

16. Straight Short Bob Plum Cut

Upgrade your wardrobe with a brand-new, plum colored chop – perfect for adding just a hint of color to any ensemble!

17. Long Smooth Plum Wavy Hair Design

With a bold and daring plum hair color, you can emphasize the beauty of your blue eyes. This dynamic look is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons!

18. Vibrant Pink Hair With Plum Highlights

Upgrade your style with a vivid pink hairdo, and make it pop by adding delicate plum highlights. Transform yourself into an enigmatic beauty who embodies grace and confidence!

19. Short A-Line Plum Hair

A shorter bob is the perfect way to show off this divine color! Not only will you look fantastic, but it’s also incredibly easy to style and maintain.

20. Pixie Cut Plum Hair

For mature women looking for a chic, fuss-free hairstyle, the pixie cut is an ideal option. With its timeless appeal and effortless upkeep, it offers modern sophistication without high maintenance demands – perfect for today’s busy woman!

21. Long Hair Brunette With Plum Highlights

Upgrade your look in an instant with the perfect blend of glorious ombre highlights! Featuring a beautiful, modern plum shade that will help to transform any hairstyle from mundane to extraordinary.

22. Wavy Bob With Plum Highlights

Transform a simple short ‘do into something extraordinary! With some strategic bangs, you can fashion this wavy bob into an effortless showstopper that will have heads turning.

23. Plum Hair With Bangs

Hues of blazing plum are sure to add a brilliant pop of color for those with light and rosy complexions. It’s perfect for an eye-catching look that will turn heads!

24. Smooth & Shiny Plum Hair

Attend your next formal gathering with a hairstyle that radiates both sophistication and effortless elegance. This style is simple to create, requires minimal maintenance yet will keep you looking dashing throughout the whole evening!

25. Black & Plum Split

For fans of the dramatic, why not take your look to new heights with a daring combination half-black and half-plum hair dye? Enjoy bold colors that make you stand out from the crowd in an unforgettable way!

26. A-Line Bob With Lilac & Plum Color Combo

With its clean lines and stylish aesthetic, this sharp hairstyle is the perfect choice for women who want to make a fashion statement wherever they go. It exudes cool confidence while remaining timelessly chic – an unbeatable combo!

27. Long Brown Hair With Plum Low-lights

Nothing says style quite like low-lights! Whether you’re in need of a quick & subtle update or looking to revamp your look, add some strategically placed highlights for an effortless transformation.

28. Long Wavy Plum Hairstyle

Add an effortless touch of style to your everyday look with wavy hair and contrasting dark brown or plum highlights. Let the sun illuminate these warm, inviting shades for a stunning look that will turn heads wherever you go!

29. Dramatic & Shiny Pink And Plum Design

Are you looking for a daring new hairstyle? Look no further than the neon trend – but not everyone has what it takes to pull off this statement look. Do you have the confidence and style-savvy to give it your best shot?

30. Short Shaggy Plum Cut

Give your office look a boost with this stylish short and wavy hairdo! Featuring tousled waves that add texture to any style, it’s perfect for the professional who likes to stay up-to-date on fashion trends. Whether you’re heading in for an important presentation or just another day at work, this hairstyle is sure to turn heads!

31. Plum Pixie Hair

Short and chic, pixie cuts are making a major comeback. This versatile style is perfect for any occasion – from work to play! Show off your unique personality by rocking this fresh ‘do – you’ll be sure to slay every time.

32. Bob Cut With Plum & Purple Hue

This trend-setting bob gives you a modern look with an edgy feel. The blue, plum and purple dye adds vibrancy to the asymmetrical cut that will make heads turn whenever you walk into a room!

33. Straight & Sharp Bob Plum Color

Create a show-stopping look with an ultra chic sharp bob and bold plum hair dye. The perfect combination for creating instant drama! This daring hairstyle will be sure to turn heads wherever you go – feeling glamorous is just moments away!

34. Blonde Hair With Plum Highlights

A subtle plum highlight can make a big difference to natural blondes, giving them an eye-catching look that is sure to turn heads. With this stylish color change you’ll be the talk of your friends and family!

35. Wavy Plum & Red Hair Color

Plum and red are a dynamic duo that will add pizzazz to any ensemble! With this classic combination, you can craft an outfit sure to turn heads. This timeless combo is perfect for any occasion – so why not show off those fashionista skills?

36. Short Straight Plum Hair

Get a stunning plum hair color and make it stand out with some daring fringe bangs. Show off your flair for fashion with this perfectly-balanced look that accentuates the depth of hue against choppy edges.

37. Long Dark Brown Plum Print

No matter the weather, long hair accented with pink and purple highlights is always a fashionable look! From sun-kissed summer days to ice white snowscapes – an easy way to keep your style fresh all year round.

38. Short Side Swept Plum Hair

This Summer, shorter locks are taking center stage. The new must-have look is sweeping the nation: a modern take on classic styles that adds edge to any outfit while keeping your style cool and collected! Get ready for some serious hair envy – this chic cut will make you feel like a fashionista all summer long.

39. Long & Smooth Plum Color

Step out in style with plum colored clothing that glistens and reflects the light. Its delicate shade will not only make you stand apart, but its radiant shine is sure to turn heads!

40. Hair Knot Plum Design

Put your hair up in a stylish knot to show off the amazing hue of color. Make sure you flaunt it and get ready for compliments on this fabulous new look!

Ready To Make A Change?

Ready to mix up your look and try something totally new with your hair? We’ve got you covered! Check out this top 40 list of stunning hairdo options that are guaranteed show-stoppers. Which one is speaking to you loudest, daring you take the plunge into a fresh style? Take it on, boldly go where no ‘do has gone before – let us know when the transformation begins!