24 Cute Flower Girl Hairstyle Ideas for 2023

Young girls can light up any wedding! If you’re planning a special celebration and want your daughter to join in the fun as a flower girl, scroll on for some beautiful hairstyle ideas that are sure to make her look like an absolute ray of sunshine. Let this be one memory she’ll always cherish – with just the right touch of glamour.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Flower Girl Hairstyle Ideas?

Whether your flower girl is four or forty, there are plenty of beautiful and fun hairstyles to choose from for her special role in the wedding. For a unique twist on this classic look that both you and she will love, consider creative designs like intricate braids decorated with flowers!

  • Braids
  • Semi-formal buns
  • Loose waves

For an ultra chic look, combine fancy updos and braids with flower details. Whether the blooms are natural or artificial, this touch of femininity will instantly upgrade any hairdo – no matter how long your locks!

1. Bright White Hair Piece For A Flower Girl

With its youthful and playful aesthetic, this cute little braid is the perfect hairstyle for young girls. To ensure your flowers stay in place all day long, simply use some bobby pins or clips to seal them together!

2. Pink Flower Idea Braid Look

Make your little one a showstopper with this gorgeous long braid! Adorned with lots of pretty pastel pink flowers, it will lend a feminine touch for any special occasion. Ideal for when she’s wearing her favourite rose-coloured dress – let her be the belle of the ball and unleash that inner princess within!

3. Short Hair With A Rose Detail

Give your little girl an elegant and timeless look by gifting her with a classic bob hairstyle. Accentuate the style with long bangs that add just enough definition to complete this beautiful silhouette while adding playful movement as she celebrates your special day. Add a touch of drama to make it wedding-appropriate – adorn her locks with one large flower for added charm!

4. Formal Bun With White Flowers

Girls love the attention and excitement of looking fabulous for summer weddings. This bun hairstyle pairs perfectly with that flirty confidence! Give your look an added sparkle by looping a classic updo in the back, then complete it off with beautiful white floral detailing – you’ll be sure to make heads turn at any wedding!

5. Loose Waves Hairdo

Give your girl’s locks a stunning makeover and showcase her strength with an effortlessly stylish long hairstyle. Framed by soft, wavy tresses, she’ll look breathtakingly beautiful without needing any floral accessories – the perfect combination of strong and feminine!

6. Formal Blonde Hairbun Flower Girl

Look no further than your local hairstylist for stunning flower girl hair! When deciding on the perfect look, why not try out this stylish braid? Give one long strand a playful makeover that ties into an impeccable bun. Make sure to book in advance so you can get creative and fashion-forward results ahead of her special day!

7. Tight Braids Flower Girl Blue Detail

Make your girl’s dream look come to life with this intricate and romantic hairstyle. Create loads of blue braids at the top section for a striking aesthetic, particularly if she plans on wearing an elegant blue dress. A definite showstopper!

8. Floral Crown Idea Design

Make special occasions even more remarkable with a charming floral crown that strikes the perfect balance between understated and opulent! This beautiful detail will add an extra dash of femininity to your hairstyle for maximum impact.

9. Neutral & Gorgeous Flower Girl Hairstyle

Give your adventurous girl the look of her dreams this season with a captivating hairstyle inspired by Earth’s beauty. Create an enchanting, nature-inspired hairdo combining white and green flowers to elevate its style!

10. Long Braid With A Crown Detail

Embrace the beauty of dark brown hair and create a special look! Adorn your flower girl with an elegant white accessory, giving her the chance to feel like royalty. Make her dream come true for this unforgettable day – let them shine in all their glory!

11. Fishtail Braid For Flower Girls

Let your girl stand out with this bold and voluminous look. Naturally longer, healthier hair will be enhanced to perfection when lightly pinned in place with some bobby pins – or maybe even a flower detail for an extra touch of femininity. She’s sure to fall head-over-heels for the results!

12. Side Braid Look With Actual Flower Details

Let your special little one put their best foot forward with a chic side braid. For those blessed with thick, healthy hair, this look is particularly easy to achieve – and the perfect chance for her show off her beauty! To add an extra touch of charm, adorn the hairstyle in green and white accessories – sure to make any flower girl feel like royalty on that very special day.

13. Loose & Retro Waves With Back Flowers

Transform your daughter into a beautiful princess with this enchanting hair crown! Adorned simply with white flowers, give her look an angelic touch without being too ostentatious. Let the little one show off how royal she really is while they rule their very own kingdom of joy and fun!

14. Subtle Playful Braid Flower Girl Look

Make your little one feel glamorous and chic while keeping it subtle with a style that combines loose retro waves and an intricate bun detail. The bun cascades up top of the head, creating texture down to her back for some extra flair. Perfect for those who opt more towards subtle hairstyle options!

15. Space Buns With Braids Hairdo

Girls with brilliant blonde hair, rejoice! Capture a retro and artsy look by braiding two sides of your locks. This delicate style has the potential to create an unforgettable statement that will leave people in awe of its beauty.

16. Loose & Retro Hair For Flower Girls

This flower girl look is the perfect blend of simple beauty and timeless elegance. Ginger-haired women can pull this off effortlessly, with a back braid that cascades into loose waves. It’s the ideal hairstyle for those who want to wear their locks long without having to fuss over an intricate ‘do!

17. Tight Pigtail Hair With Bow Details

An adorable hairstyle perfectly designed for young girls with shorter hair, the back twisted piggy bun adds a cute and stylish flair. Complemented by simple bow details to enhance its charm, your little angel is sure to look like an absolute cutie!

18. Curly Hair For Flower Girls

For the bold and courageous fashionista, this mohawk-inspired style combines retro curls with loose waves for a daring look that will turn heads. Make sure to use plenty of hairspray to lock in your locks throughout the day so you can rock it from dawn until dusk!

19. Dutch Braid For Flower Girls

Fishtail braids are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and grace, making them an ideal choice for special occasions like weddings. Ideal for women or girls looking for something extra-special in their hairdo repertoire, this braid is sure to make you look like the star of your next event!

20. Cute Updo With Flowers For Flower Girls

Look no further than this sweet, subtle bun style and its white bow detail to complete that perfect special-occasion outfit for your little girl. The combination of a classic dress with the extra touch of an understated accessory creates a chic look any adult would be proud to show off!

21. Loose Hair With A Clip Detail 

For a soft and romantic look, create light waves in your little flower girl’s hair. Gather the locks at the back of her head with an eye-catching clip that adds just enough elegance to complete what will surely be one picture perfect day! Style this pretty hairdo best paired with airy white or dainty blush hues – they’ll flatter any dress she wears down the aisle!

22. Retro Yellow Flowers Crown Detail

For a unique and beautiful wedding look, consider this bold summer hairstyle! With its eye-catching pop of yellow color, it’s sure to make heads turn in admiration. Why not really spice things up by decorating the crown with some colorful sunflowers or delicate white daisies? Every girl can easily pull off this stunning design – making her special day that much more memorable for all attendees!

23. Blue Flowers Loose Curls Look

Long hair is a stunning compliment to any look. Jazz up your hairstyle for the wedding season with three delicate white flowers tucked into the back of your locks, giving off an alluring and feminine feel.

24. Tight Braids With White Flowers Hairdo

Complete your look with this intricate two-tone braided style. Ask your stylist to weave together a duo of subtle plaits, tied in the back for an effortlessly classy finish! To bring out its feminine charm even more, pair it up with some oversized floral accessories – perfect for making a statement at any event.

Ready To Style Your Girl?

We have a variety of hairdos with beautiful floral details to choose from, so why not make the decision fun and involve your little girl? Ask her which hairstyle was her favorite – let us know if you both agree on one or decide differently! So tell us, is it unanimous love for a certain look or did each pick separately?