Elevate Your Look: 20+ Short Natural Hair Twists 2023

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If you adore your natural curly texture and are looking for a cool style that is easy to manage, then short hair twists might be the perfect look for you! Whether it’s an everyday hairdo or something more special thrown in once in awhile – this article has got you covered with ideas. From adventurous color tones to unique textured looks; find out what fits best depending on age group, occasion and overall aesthetic preferences – so get ready ladies — twisted fun awaits!

What Are Hair Twists?

Hair twist styling is a fun, creative way to show off natural Afro-textured locks. The intertwining of two twisted strands creates an embellished look that celebrates and honors culture, heritage – and most importantly – confidence! It’s the perfect style for those looking for snugness with flair; their hair will stay put all day long in these beautiful braids that are sure to make heads turn.

22 Short Natural Hair Twist Styles

1. Black Short Natural Twists

For the woman who likes to stay up on all of the modern trends, a twisty bob is just what she needs. This trendy ‘do features cool black hair twists that will make you feel like a classic beauty! Plus, it’s perfect for any occasion – everyday wear and special events alike!

2. Purple Retro Twists

Party-goers, daring trendsetters and fashionistas alike – these gorgeous purple twists are your perfect pick for standing out from the crowd! While using this hue can require some skill to master, a dazzling ‘do awaits those willing to take on the challenge.

3. Short Curly Hair Black Twists

Stylish women in their 20s can experience the beauty of a timeless, classic look with these charming black twists. Perfectly curled and full of retro-inspired flair, they add an element of sweet stylishness that is sure to turn heads!

4. Simple Brown Twists With Space Buns

With the explosion of social media, space buns and hair twists have soared in popularity among younger teens. An on-trend look that can be created simply with a few steps, these hairstyles inject instant fun into any outfit!

5. Tight Curly Twists

Women with shorter hair can achieve an easy-to-manage and stylish look by going for tight twists. This low maintenance style requires minimal time to create, perfect for busy ladies on the go, while still looking fantastic all day long!

6. Hair Twists In Pigtails

With a girly twist, pigtails are the perfect hairstyle for kids and young adults alike to make an impression. Whether it’s cut or braided in one of many styles this cute look is sure to add some flair with its classic yet modern appeal!

7. Side Swept Twist Braids

Revamp your look with a style from the past! Bring back 2000s glamor by embracing side-swept twist braids – an undeniably cool and dominant hairdo. Take it as a challenge to rock this unique trend again – you won’t regret it!

8. Chunky Twist Braids

If you’re a fan of voluminous styles, chunky braids are the perfect look. Though they may require extra effort to maintain and keep in place, thick hair can make achieving this style easy. So if big braid vibes sound like your kind of thing – give it a try!

9. High Top Knot Braid Twists

This show-stopper of a ‘do is for the trendsetters out there looking to make an impact with their hairstyle. Perfect for any occasion, this high-top knot features eye-catching twists that add just the right amount of color and flair. With its effortless versatility, it’s sure to have all heads turning your way!

10. Short Red Hair Twists

This fall, wow the crowd with a stunning hairstyle! Show off your bold adventurous side by going for short red hair twists. Not only do they add vibrant color to your look while staying on-trend, but their thick twist pattern is sure to draw plenty of admirers wherever you go.

11. Brown & Blonde Thick Twists

For women who dare to think and dress outside the box, this electrifying colour combination will be a huge hit! Mixing bright tones with loud hues gives an eye-catching contrast that is sure to stand out. Dare you take on these daring twists?

12. High Updo Hair Twists

Looking to keep your twists secure during sporty events and feeling confident while doing it? Keep them high up! This style elevates the traditional way of wearing twists, ensuring they won’t get in the way or cause any discomfort.

13. Burgundy Hair Twists

If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your hairstyle, the burgundy bob is perfect for mature women who are searching for something stylish and practical. This daring choice will leave heads turning – no more blending into the crowd!

14. Wild Afro Hair Twists

Women who want to boldly express their culture and confidence will find wild Afro twists the perfect choice. This style is an ideal way for women to honor their heritage while making a loud statement!

15. Thin Simple & Short Hair Twists

A little effort in the morning can give you a gorgeous hairstyle to take on your day! Twists only require 20 minutes of time and are ideal for anyone looking for something easy, lightweight, and beautiful.

16. Short Blonde Twists

Strut your stuff and make a statement with this wild blonde twist hairstyle. Show the world that you have just as much attitude to match! Whether it’s for everyday style or making an entrance at any affair, let everyone know that there is no look too daring for you. Dare to be bolder than ever before!

17. Thick Chunky Braid Twists

Make a statement this party season with standout chunky braids and space buns! Ask your hairstylist for two playful looks that are sure to turn heads – thick, voluminous plaits combined with fun double-bun styles. Perfect for any occasion where you want an eye-catching look worthy of the red carpet.

18. Braided Brown Haircut With Twists

Struggling to keep your intricate braids and twists in place? For locks too thin or unruly, keeping them neat can be a challenge. But never fear – using an accessory specifically designed for the task is here! With it you’ll enjoy beautifully constructed hairstyles that stay put all day long.

19. Hair Twists With Accessories

Let your fun and retro style shine with these statement-making hair accessories on top of your twisted locks! Add a splash of color to any look – book this playful ‘do today for an instant pick me up!

20. Low Bun Braided Twists

Women who have a lot to do and want an easy-to-do yet chic hairstyle should give this low bun with twist combo a try. Perfect for every day wear, it’s the perfect hairdo when you’re busy running errands!

21. Blonde Curly Afro With Twists

Loud, wild curls can be difficult to maintain. Indulge in the perfect product that’s kept just for you and your twisted dreams! A dollop of curling cream will add shape and structure; allowing those big bouncy ringlets to take center stage all night long!

22. Space Bun Look With Twists

Showstopping and sure to turn heads, this party-perfect look is perfect for daring fashionistas who enjoy being the center of attention. Slip into these glamorous garments when you’re looking to make a real statement!

Want Hair Twists?

Get creative with your hair! If you’ve ever wanted to try a unique look, now is the perfect time. From tight braids and cool twists, to curly textures – there’s something here for everyone of any age. So why not give it shot? Discover a style that puts you in control of your fashionista destiny today!