Rihanna’s Short Hair: 13 Trendy Styles to Inspire

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Rihanna is an unstoppable style icon who loves to experiment with her look. From daringly cropped bobs, to cascading tresses that graze her shoulders – she never fails to show off the power of feminine beauty in all its varying forms! Always a trendsetter and always fierce, this queen of hair knows no limits when it comes creativity.

With all the possible hairstyles available to choose from, it can be difficult to settle on just one. To make things simple, we’ve curated a selection of short haircuts worn by Rihanna that are sure to get heads turning! From sleek bobs and asymmetrical cuts to pixie crops – with these looks you’ll surely find something special for yourself.

Here are thirteen of our favorite Rihanna short hairstyles.

1. Boyish Pixie

Rihanna shines with her unique take on the pixie cut. Her natural hair color is featured in this boyish style, and she adds a few more bangs for an extra kick of attitude. The back and sides are shaved down to complete the look – creating edgy vibes that no one can ignore!

2. Curly Afro

Rihanna let her curls loose and showed them off with a stunning afro. She decided not to go for maximum volume, but instead embraced the tamed messiness of a softer look.

3. Two-toned Pixie

Never one to shy away from making a fashion statement, Rihanna has been seen rocking her signature pixie cut with long bangs and spiced up by large panels of blonde throughout. This edgy look gave the star extra dimension while keeping it fashionable “Ri-style.”

4. Girl Next Door Lob

Rihanna mixes her hairstyles up often, and this look is no exception. Her fresh take on a lob has some wispy bangs that frame the face perfectly without overwhelming it, while warm caramel curls throughout add texture to accentuate her natural hair color.

5. Blonde Bowl

Back in the day, Rihanna was breaking trends with her signature bowl cut – a daring look of pure symmetry. She dyed it golden blonde and sheared both sides for an ultra-sleek style that fit her perfectly. It’s not one for everyone but on Rihanna it looked fabulous!

6. The Mohawk

Rihanna showcased her coolness by sporting a daring mohawk. She shaved the sides and back of her hair, adding blonde tips which were styled to one side in an edgy feathery look – making it stand out even more!

7. Blonde Pixie

Rihanna’s iconic pixie look is back and better than ever! This time, she dyed her mane blonde for a bright twist. To achieve the same statement style at home, all you need to do is keep it long on top with some bangs then add lots of volume by using a round brush when blow-drying – voila – showstopping glamour!

8. Red Mohawk

Rihanna stuns her fans yet again with a firetruck red mohawk that’s even more daring and bold than the last. With no hair atop to distract from its magnificent color, she looks stunning in this vibrant new ‘do – highlighting why RiRi is such an inspiring fashion icon!

9. Angled Bob

Back in the day, Rihanna was ahead of her time when it came to hair trends – rocking an on-trend angled bob with a subtle twist. She kept it classic by keeping her natural color and slightly elongating one side for extra drama. Her signature style shone through this sleek ‘do that quickly became popular among fashion lovers everywhere!

10. Blunt Bob with Bangs

Possessing the unmistakable ability to transform her look with ease, Rihanna has graced us once more; adorning an iconic blunt bob cut. Her locks graze just beneath her chin in a straight sheen as voluminous bangs brush against cheekbones and frame her eyes in striking style – proving that if you’re adventurous enough for a bob, there is always room for transformation!

11. Red Lob

Rihanna gives us a lesson in timeless glamour with her beautiful lob. Her wavy locks frame her face and bring out the golden hues of her eyes, while the deep burgundy color adds a touch of elegance to this classic style which can be emulated by anyone. To complete it off, she uses a side part that finishes the look perfectly!

12. Curly Mohawk

Fans of Rihanna’s unique style will love her signature mohawk. The trendy cut features a shorter length with sides shaved to accentuate the bold look and its playful femininity. Pop some curls into the longer section for an effortless, messy finish that falls gently onto your forehead – creating effortlessly glam vibes!

13. Straight Lob

Get summer-ready with this effortless chic look. Rihanna’s hairstyle of choice is a sleek, straight Lob that accents her natural hair color perfectly when parted down the middle!

Rihanna is a pioneer when it comes to experimenting with her look, especially in the realm of hairstyles. From daring colors to unusual cuts and styles, she encourages everyone to be brave enough venture outside their usual comfort zone – who knows what new style you may end up loving? It could even become an iconic trend for others inspired by your boldness!